The spring clean you'll WANT to do (yes, really)

Cleaning can feel like a thankless task, but if you use the chance to give your home a new look too, you’ll look forward to doing a ‘spring clean’ every year!

A big spring clean can really lift your home, but before you know it the kids’ toys are back on the floor, the counter is covered in crumbs and the toilet is… well, let’s just leave that there, shall we?

So this season, why not give your home a more long-term refresh by turning your spring clean into a spring makeover? Try these tips and your home will look fresh all season long…

Choose floral fabrics

An easy-peasy change is to swap your duvet and cushion covers for spring-inspired patterns. Avoid the chintzy look by going for a floral print in bold or even luminous colours, or perhaps choosing plant prints instead of flowers. Alternatively, just look for designs in spring-time colours, such as sunny yellow, sky blue, lavender and coral.

To keep the colours and patterns as bright as the day you bought them, try washing them with Ariel 3in1 Pods, which clean, lift stains and brighten to keep your fabrics looking like new.

Lighten up your curtains

Pack away your heavy winter curtains and trade them for some made in a lightweight material, such as linen, muslin or organza, and in a light shade. This will mean the whole room lights up when the sun’s shining.

Bounce the light around

Use mirrors to enhance that natural light coming in. Hanging a big one on the wall that’s adjacent to the window will help make the room feel bigger as well as brighter.

You can also make sure your stainless steel is at its light-bouncing best by tackling limescale, which dulls your kitchen and bathroom fittings. Try Viakal, which dissolves the crusty white stuff in seconds, then finish off with a polish, and your bathroom and kitchen will look sparkling new.

Remove your rug

Rugs are great for warming up a wooden floor or tiles, but why not try whipping it away once the weather warms up? Your room will feel bigger and cooler.

Then it’s simply a case of keeping those tiles sparkling with Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner. Or for wooden floors, try the gorgeous-smelling Mandarin and Cedarwood Flash All-Purpose Cleaner Wood and Marble to keep them looking their best.

Wash your garden furniture

Use a brush to get rid of any settled dust and cobwebs before washing it with hot water and a squirt of Fairy Liquid. You could even give it a fresh lick of paint – perhaps in a spring-time colour to brighten things up.

Once your furniture is sorted you’ll be inspired to get outside, even if it means lighting a fire and snuggling under blankets. This is a British spring, after all.

How do you get your house ready for spring? Let us know in the comments section below.