Three amazing plants for any garden

Even beginners can enjoy these easy to care for flowers. These plants grow amazingly without much need for attention! Great to brighten up your garden.

With their colourful trumpet-shaped flowers and sprawling stems, hollyhocks add a sense of country charm to the garden. They like full sun and well-drained soil but should thrive even against a garden wall in sandy or dry ground. Go for single-stem varieties.

Although dill plants like full sun and well-drained yet moist, rich soil, they quickly create a serene meadowy look – their big round heads crowned with lots of tiny yellow flowers waft romantically in the breeze! Avoid planting dill in the shade.

These bright pretty flowers are almost exactly what any child would draw as a fantasy garden. They have a long flowering season and perform well as a border plant. Choose sunny or part-shaded spots to position your asters in, and while the soil should be rich with good drainage, asters should be kept moist through the summer for best results.

Savvy tip
Choose roses! Despite their reputation for being ‘ladylike’, roses thrive year in year out with just a bit of savvy care. Check out our quick tips for Rose wisdom.

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