4 ways to make magic-smelling memories

Smells ring bells! Here’s how to create fragrant experiences your kids will remember for a lifetime…

Can you remember the perfume you wore on your first date with your husband? The chances are, one whiff of it and you’re instantly transformed to that particular time in your life. That’s because scent and memory are inextricably linked. 

In fact, out of all the five senses, smell is the one most closely linked to memory than any other, because the part of the brain that is responsible for processing smells is next to the part that creates new memories. By creating a fragranced home, you’ll be helping your kids create memories of their childhood that they will remember long after they leave home.

Cook up a storm

Fragrant food will fill the house with a beautiful aroma, and have everyone asking when dinner will be ready. You probably already have a standard repertoire of meals that you cook, but do you have a signature dish? You know, the kind of meal that gets the family to the table in double quick time to lick their plates so clean that the washing up is done in a jiffy.

It’s not difficult to create a signature dish. It can come from anywhere – an old recipe from your Mum, or something you cobbled together when you didn’t have quite the right ingredients for what you’d planned to make. 

The main thing is that it’s unique to you. By picking something with strong flavours – whether that’s a spicy savoury dish, or a sweet-smelling cake – you’ll be creating strong scent memories that the kids will always associate with Mum’s yummy cooking.

Find your fragrance

The perfume market in the UK is worth millions of pounds, but you don’t need to invest in a pricey perfume to create your own signature scent. Kids won’t have any clue about how posh – or not – your perfume is. What they will recognise, and remember, is the smell of Mum.

It could be something as simple as a mixture of your face cream, shampoo and deodorant. They’ll get a whiff whenever you’re close and will associate the combination with you.

Home sweet home

Most of us don’t even notice the smell of our homes because we’re so used to being there, but each will have its own unique aroma. Sometimes though, it might not be the kind of odour you want associated with your home, particularly if you have pets.

Filling your home with flowers and candles can go a long way to creating the kind of aromatic atmosphere that you want the children to relate to home. Or you could try wax melts for a long-lasting fresh scent – without the flame!

Work washing day

You might think of laundry day as a chore, but flip the script and you’ll see that it’s a key way to create a long-lasting scent memory for the kids. After all, it creates the smell that they wear closest to their skin, and which they take around with them wherever they go.

Use Bold Lavender and Chamomile 3in1 Pods for a wonderful new washing experience. With its fab new formula, you get three benefits in one and laundry that has been cleaned, freshened and softened, and the delicate scent is one that the family will love. Even better, the family pack now comes with a child safety lock to prevent them from opening it.

Which scent never fails to trigger a happy memory for you? Let us know in the comments box below.