5 laundry myths it pays to avoid

There are a lot of myths out there about laundry that aren't true.
Unfortunately, if you keep doing laundry the wrong way, you keep wasting time, energy and money. If you want to stop it, read the truth about laundry here.

Don’t Use More Detergent for Better Results

Contrary to popular belief, using a double dose of detergent (on really dirty clothes) does not get your garments cleaner at all. The solution? Read the dosing instructions on a product that is designed for the results you need.

Pour the amount you need, but not more, even if you are tempted. If the suggested amount doesn’t deal with it, then using more won’t either. Ariel detergent gives you great washing results, because it helps to remove many tough stains.

Cold Wash Can Be Effective Wash

Many waste lots of hot water, believing that cold water will not get their clothes clean. Back in the day, maybe, but not today. Especially, when there are fabrics, colours and greasy stains that have to be washed cold. Anyway, Ariel gives you great washing results even at 30 degrees.

Colour Magnets Won’t Do The Sorting

Don't risk ruining your clothes. Instead, make sure you put whites/lights, colours and darks in separate loads. Use a basket with many compartments, it will save you time.