Remove mud stains from clothes

Wet winter weather doesn’t have to stop children having fun outdoors - even if it is a challenge to remove mud from clothes! Take a look at these five useful ideas from Ariel for getting clothes, wellies and the kids clean afterwards.

1. Dress them right

Woolly jumpers are lovely, but fleece and cotton pullovers can be a lot easier to wash and they don’t stretch out of shape as easily if they end up soaked in puddles! The same goes for trousers – tracksuit bottoms and cotton leggings don't cling so uncomfortably as jeans do.

2. Be prepared

If you’re out for the day or going by car, take a small towel with you for cold wet kids, and a change of basics (trousers and socks). And keep a rug in the boot of the car for times when you need to protect your seats from messy passengers. It makes cleaning clothes a whole lot easier!

3. Clean up

Bang the soles of muddy boots together to shake off loose dirt, then use a stick to scrape off mud. If the boots are leather, it’s better not to let them dry dirty. Finish off with a damp cloth and put scrunched up absorbent newspaper inside the boots to encourage drying. However, don’t rush the process by putting boots on radiators as it can spoil the leather.

4. Bring on bathtime

After a busy day in fresh air, the kids might need to wind down ready for bed, so a warm bath will help them relax as well as get them clean. Rub little toes and hands so they’re not cold before bathing – cold skin exposed too quickly to heat can cause chilblains.

5. Sort those clothes

While you’re busy with boots and bathtime, make life easier by getting all your washing tasks done in one go – with Ariel 3in1 Pods. Each Pod contains detergent to clean, colour brightener (to make sure those trousers look like they've never been near a muddy puddle), and stain remover to lift any really tricky marks that your fun day out has left behind.