Meet the new Hoover Wizard Wi-Fi washing machine

You know how it is, when you’d rather be out and about, but that pile of washing isn’t going anywhere? No problem. Not anymore. Say hello to the new hi-tech, low bother Wizard Wi-Fi Washing Machine from Hoover.

Doing the washing no longer means putting off all the other stuff you’d like to be getting on with.

Thanks to the new Wizard washing machine, you could be working out, working late or even walking the dog, and still get a whole load done with just a few taps on your mobile device.

It’s all part of the UK’s first fully connected Wi-Fi kitchen appliance range from Hoover – hi-tech, low bother appliances that you can control, monitor and manage through an app downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whenever you want.

Steve Macdonald, Marketing Director of Freestanding Division Hoover UK, said, “With our new Wizard range, there is no longer the need to stay at home to stay in control.” Anyone using this new technology could “stay in touch with their home from anywhere in the world”, he added.

Time. Effort. Save a whole load of both.

On average, people believe they could save more than an hour each week if they could control their appliances remotely, via Wi-Fi. So even if you are delayed at work you can still arrive home to freshly washed clothes using the Keep Fresh cycle.

Just think what you could do with an extra hour. Maybe a nice latte? Perhaps a little yoga?