Get a free liquid detergent dosing ball for your laundry


Our liquid detergent dosing ball allows you to dose the right amount of washing liquid for your laundry, as well as pre-treating stains, for outstanding stain removal in the first wash. Plus reusing your doser will help us reduce plastic waste.

Anyone who has used a washing liquid dosing ball will know just how useful they are. Not only do they allow you to precisely dose the right amount of washing liquid for your laundry (saving on detergent waste), but they also allow you to pre-treat stains. That means you can get outstanding stain removal in the first wash!

The other reason we love them? Once you have one, you can save it and reuse it – which means we will be able to cut down on plastic waste. 

Using your liquid detergent dosing ball

To find out exactly how much washing liquid to use in your laundry, check the dosing instructions on your pack. Then simply fill the dosing ball with your preferred laundry detergent, such as Ariel Washing Liquid,  Bold 2in1 Liquid Detergent, Fairy Non Bio Washing Liquid or Daz Washing Liquid, as per the instructions. Then place it inside the washing machine, on top of your garments, and relax. Easy.

As well as using it as a washing liquid dosing ball for liquid detergent, you can pre-treat stubborn stains, by using the cup’s surface to spread washing liquid over the stain, allowing it to go deep into the fibres and unleash its outstanding cleaning power. Then place the cup with the remaining detergent inside the machine, for double the power.

Order your Liquid or Powder Dosing ball

To get the best out of your washing – and help reduce plastic waste at the same time – order your free washing liquid or powder dosing ball via the Contact Us page> select Email> select Dosing Device in the Reason for Writing drop down.  Alternatively call us on (UK) 0800 015 7412,  (IE) 1800 509 083. Your laundry dosing ball will be sent to you as soon as possible.