Ask the expert: How long has Fairy Non-Bio been around?

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First introduced to the UK in 1898, Fairy Non-Bio started off as a soap bar and became famous for its eye-catching green colour. In 1930, the brand was acquired by Procter & Gamble who made it available in different sizes, including a laundry size and toilet soap size.

Soon after, the flagship product Fairy Snow was launched. A truly pioneering washing powder, it was mild washing detergent made out of real soap, unlike other leading detergents of the time that were made out of synthetic ingredients. As well as being mild, Fairy prided itself on providing clothes with a fantastic clean. If you remember Fairy as a child, you might even recall the famous 1960’s slogan: “Forces grey out, forces white in”.

Bizzie Baby

Prior to the acquisition by Proctor & Gamble, Fairy washing powder packaging was, perhaps unsurprisingly, adorned with a picture of a fairy. It wasn’t until 1932 that the cute Fairy baby started making its first regular appearances in Fairy advertising.

At first, the baby didn’t have a name, so in 1934, a national competition was held to find a name for the Fairy baby. Although “Billy Bettersuds” was proclaimed the winner, the baby became better known as Bizzie.

During World War 2, Bizzie the baby appeared on the side of two RAF Spitfires, before becoming a permanent fixture on Fairy products. He is still used today as the brand’s mascot and is synonymous with the gentleness of Fairy products, to both clothes and skin.

Fairy Goes Non-Bio

In 1989, to offer an even milder alternative to biological detergents, Procter & Gamble introduced Fairy Non-Bio. If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between bio vs non-bio detergents, then the simple explanation lies in the ingredients. To find out more about the difference between bio and non-bio, read our article here

While biological detergents rely on powerful enzymes to break down stains during the washing process in order to give your clothes a brilliant clean, non-biological detergents derive their cleaning power from a cleverly designed formula that is enzyme-free. These other cleaning ingredients and technologies are milder and so kinder to skin.

In addition, Fairy Non-Bio laundry detergent includes a pleasant mild perfume that contains less perfume allergens than other fragranced laundry detergents and is far gentler to sensitive skin. Fairy Non-Bio laundry detergent was soon recognised as a gentle yet capable laundry detergent especially for washing baby clothes, quickly becoming the preferred sensitive washing detergent in the UK.

Today, Fairy Non-Bio is the choice for most consumers across the UK and has been voted #1 laundry brand for sensitive skin*. Importantly, it’s also dermatologically accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

Fairy Non-Bio today

After almost 30 years in production, Fairy Non-Bio is now available in every type of detergent format, providing a gentle, caring and effective clean, no matter which variety you choose. You can buy it as Fairy Non-Bio Washing Liquid, Fairy Non-Bio Laundry Gel and Fairy Non-Bio Washing Powder. While Fairy Non-Bio liquid detergent is great for pre-treating stains, you can use Fairy Non-Bio washing gel to clean clothes gently, even at low temperatures.

Fairy Non-Bio’s latest innovation is Fairy Non-Bio Washing Capsules: these compact, easy-to-use laundry capsules will leave your laundry wonderfully clean and huggably soft. Of course, if you like even more huggable softness, pair your Fairy Non-Bio laundry detergent with Fairy Snuggly Soft Fabric Softener, the ideal fabric conditioner for baby clothes and people with sensitive skin.

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