How to create memorable family moments

What comes to your mind first when you think about happy childhood memories? We all have those moments that we will remember forever. And it is probably not the things that cost the most money, it's the time spent with our beloved ones and you wished you could press a button to stop the moment passing by. We haven’t found that button, yet, but there are some ways to make your family moments more memorable in the future.

Use the power of scents to create moods.

Our scent of smell is directly connected to our deepest emotions. That means, with specific scents, we can directly influence, how we feel. Lenor offers a wide range of different scents, that can help you to influence how the ones you love feel. You could for example use the calming lavender scent for their bed sheet, to give them a feeling of extra-security when you kiss them good night. And to assure a good night’s sleep. You could use Spring Awakening for their towels, in ordert o make them feel fresh and start they day in a good mood. And for their jumpers, you might want to use luxurious Ruby Jasmine for their jumpers, so that everyone can smell, how much they’re worth to you.

Use the power of scents to make moments even better.

You can even go one step further and use scents to create special moments. You plan to make a day-trip to the sea-side, a theme-park or a city? Then wash their clothes with an energetic variant, such as Lenor Wild Flower Bloom or Ocean Escape. Let their uplifting notes give you and your family energy.
Or do you want to rather spend a comfortable, autumny day at home with your family? Watch a movie and play games, while watching the rainy, windy November from inside? Then prepare blankets, washed in Lenor Spring Awakening to lift up the mood. Or Lenor Summer Breeze, to create a comfortable warm feeling around you. Or do you rather want to spend a night out only with your husband? Then new Lenor Amber Flower, a simple yet luxurious and elegant scent will be your choice.
Wether you want energy, comfort or relaxation, and whatever the occasion – Lenor has the right scent. Check them out here.

Use the power of scents to capture them.

Scents do not only influence how we feel. They also help us to remember beautiful moments in much more vividness.
While family pictures are great to show around, they can never capture the whole memory in all the details. You might remember the scent of your grandma’s apple pie, how the hair of your first big love smelled or the scent of your mother’s towels.
Let your children experience as many different scents as possible to preserve them in their minds. Here as well you can use the scents of Lenor.