How to get static out of clothes – Plus a few genius tumble dryer sheet hacks you need to know!

Sick of stuff sticking to your clothes, or your clothes sticking together? We can show you how to avoid static cling with a clever drying tip, plus some nifty extra uses for those tumble dryer sheets…

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Static cling is one of those annoying things in life. From causing wardrobe malfunctions, to leaving your hair standing on end, many of us have experienced horror stories due to static clothing.

What causes static in clothes?

Static is caused by electrostatic charge building up in your clothes when different fabrics rub against each other. It’s most common with synthetic fabrics. This is what causes your clothes to stick to your body, and happens especially when tumble drying.

The good news though is that you don’t just have to put up with it. Here’s how to remove static from clothes…

How to get static out of clothes

  • Use a fabric conditioner in the wash like Lenor, as it helps to lubricate clothes, reducing friction and static as well as giving fabrics a soft and fluffy finish.
  • If possible, line or air dry your clothes after washing.
  • Don’t over dry clothes by leaving them out too long.
  • Dry synthetic fibres separately so they don’t charge up the rest of your clothes.
  • When tumble drying use tumble dryer sheets like Lenor Fabric Tumble Dryer Sheets. Not only do they make your clothes smell lovely, but they also stop clothes from rubbing together – reducing the build-up of electrons, which reduces static and wrinkles.
  • Moisturise your skin before getting dressed. This increases the surface humidity of your skin, which will stop fabrics clinging to it.
  • If you’re about to leave the house and notice static on what you’re wearing, run a metal clothes hanger over your clothes to transfer the charge.

8 ingenious hacks with tumble dryer sheets

Did you know that as well as getting static out of clothes, your trusty tumble dryer sheets have a lot of other helpful uses around the home? Check out our hacks:

1. Smelly gym bags
Add a tumble dryer sheet to the bottom of your sports bag or even your handbag to give it a fresh smell and freshen it up.

2. Drawers
Simply place a tumble dryer sheet at the bottom of your drawers to keep your clean clothes smelling fresh for longer. It’s even better in towels and bedding cabinets!

3. Suitcases
Keep luggage fresh between trips, and clothes fresh while travelling, by popping a few tumble dryer sheets in your case for freshness on the go.

4. Artificial flowers
Mrs Hinch revealed her secret for making her silk flowers smell like a fresh bouquet: just pop a sheet in the vase!

5. Dirty laundry
Help your dirty laundry smell better by putting a tumble dryer sheet in your hamper.

6. Rubbish bins
Pop a tumble dryer sheet between your bin bag and bin to keep nasty odours at bay.

7. Toilet
Looking for a convenient way to keep your bathroom smelling nice? Roll up a tumble dryer sheet and put it in the middle of the toilet paper roll.

8. Car
Run out of your car freshener? You can stick a tumble dryer sheet under your car seat for a burst of freshness.

Whilst these simple tricks are great to keep your household smelling lovely, do remember to keep the Sheets out of reach of children and pets.

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