6 ways to make your clothes smell good


There's nothing like slipping into clean clothes that smell amazing on a hot, sticky summer's day. In this article, you’ll learn how to make your clothes smell good. Just follow these 6 really easy steps and you can’t go wrong!

1.    Use the brilliant clean, fresh scent of Bold 
2.    Don't leave wet laundry in the washer
3.    Give your washing machine a clean
4.    Don't overfill the drum
5.    Make the most of sunny days by line-drying clothes
6.    Take care of the freshness of clothes in the wardrobe

1. Use the brilliant clean, fresh scent of Bold

Want to know how to make your clothes smell good and save time too (especially for fresh dresses in the summer months)? Having a brilliant cleaning detergent with built in fabric softener all in one handy capsule is the perfect answer. And while it's quick to use, the fresh scent of Bold all-in-1 pods lasts for hour after hour of wear.

Blended by expert perfumers, Bold’s authentic and luxurious scents will make you feel like you're strolling through sunny fields in the south of France.

2. Don't leave wet laundry in the washer

We've all done it – on those days when you're trying to get a million things done at once, you put a load in the washer and then forget all about it.

But damp clothes sitting in the confined space of your washing machine are a breeding ground for mildew. Everything comes out smelling musty, and there's a chance it may make your next load smell less-then-fresh too.

So for fresh clothes and to help your washing smell amazing, try to make sure you take your laundry out for drying as soon as possible (you can even set a timer on your phone as a reminder).

3. Give your washing machine a clean

If you've made a habit of leaving wet laundry in the washer, or if your trusty machine has worked through lots of loads in its lifetime, it may be bunged up with all sorts of things that can prevent your clothes from getting really clean.

Want to know to how to make your washing machine smell nice – and your laundry smell good? Well, the low-temperature washes most of us use nowadays can't always completely clear out mould and bacteria in the system, so once in while run an empty wash on a high temperature to flush all that gunk away.

4. Don't overfill the drum

When you're busy with a mountain of laundry to get through, it can be tempting to cram it in to cut down the number of loads you need to run.

But an overstuffed washing machine won't get clothes really clean: they need space to move around in the water. As a rough guide of how to make washing smell nice, you want to leave a gap as big as the width of your hand at the top of the drum. In the long run, you'll save time because you’ll have fresh clothes for even longer.

5. Make the most of sunny days by line-drying clothes

Now the sun's out at last, there's no need to overheat your house by running a noisy tumble dryer. Popping your clothes on the line in a warm breeze gets them dry quickly – plus all the fresh air helps to preserve the lovely laundry scent and keep clothes smelling fresh. The sunlight even helps to kill off bacteria, ensuring your clothes are as clean as can be.

6. Take care of the freshness of clothes in the wardrobe

When you’ve finished doing your laundry with Bold All-in-one Pods and put your fresh clothes all away, you really want to avoid that musty smell in the wardrobe. Especially if a season’s coming to an end and you’re storing things away for a bit longer.

One way is to use vacuum bags. They’re a quick and easy way of how to make your wardrobe smell nice – as well as how to keep clothes smelling fresh in your closet.

What are your favorite ways of freshening up laundry? Give us your tips in the comments below.