Tips on how to dry clothes on a rainy day

Five useful ideas on how to dry clothes and make sure your washing gets done and looks fresh even when the weather stops you getting outside.

1. Prioritise

You can only do as many washes as your drying racks will accommodate so when the weather is less reliable, remind the whole family to think twice before throwing a barely worn item in the laundry.

TIP In winter put an extra laundry basket in the bathroom where those super urgent clothes go – that smart shirt for a meeting or PE kit needed for school. This way you can make sure essential washes get done.

2. Prep clothes to save time

Before the wash goes in, do up zips and unravel scrunched up sleeves and trouser legs – you’ll find this reduces how tangled everything is at the end of the wash and it means you spend less time loading up the clothes horse.

TIP As you hang up each item, hold it in both hands and give it one good flick to reduce wrinkles. In many cases this can cut out the need for any ironing at all.

3. Get outdoor freshness indoors

There’s no need to miss out on the benefits of drying your clothes on a garden line just because it’s raining – instead, when you’ve got to dry your clothes inside, enjoy lasting scents. by using Bold 2in1. One dose of Bold 2in1 Liquid gives you freshness that lasts longer than two doses of the best selling bio detergent*, and, with detergent and fabric softener in one bottle, it cleans and conditions in the same wash.