Save your clothes from moths

Keep moths away from your closets and you’ll stop their nasty larvae damaging your favourite outfits.

Although it’s the moth larvae that actually damage clothes, it takes a female moth to lay the eggs – several hundred at a time! Here are a few ways to keep moths away from your wardrobes.

  • Cedar wood has an odour which is quite effective at keeping these little creatures away. Simply place a small chunk of it under your clothes and it should have an instant effect on your moths. Some department stores sell blocks of it designed for this purpose.
  • Hang little muslin or fabric sachets in your wardrobe which let air circulate through. Then put some dried lemon peel or lavender inside them. Not only will this leave your wardrobe smelling lovely, but you’ll also see the moths disappear in no time.
  • If the natural approach isn’t working for you, use chemical anti-moth products, which come in little sachets. Simply hang them in your wardrobe, and make sure you replace them every three months.