Tips for better clothes care

Make sure you’re wardrobe-wise and your family’s clothes will last a lot longer.

Chances are you DON’T have a butler on hand to valet your clothes, but with a bit of loving care, they’ll last you a lot longer.

• Keep an eye out for maintenance jobs
Hang clothes up when you take them off, that way any small stains or snags will be immediately apparent even if you didn’t notice them when they happened.

• Remove any stains straight away
They can set in or oxidise over time which makes them harder to remove.

• Clear the clutter
Store out of season clothes in the attic, basement or under the bed to leave room for the clothes you’re currently more likely to wear. Items won’t get so creased and you won’t have piles of clothes gathering dust.

• Use airtight containers for clothes stored away
This makes them less susceptible to moth damage.

• Refresh your fashions
Wash anything you haven’t worn for a long time before you do wear it. The laundry products fragrance wears off gradually and you’ll be left smelling like a musty old second hand shop otherwise.

• Organise buttons and threads
Always store the spare buttons, coloured thread or other beads that come with new clothes somewhere you’re likely to find them later – like a sewing basket. You might not need them for six months or so but when you do you want to be able to lay your hands on them.