Spread the perfection by starting with your laundry

Laundry is not a simple task, if you want great results. But with the right steps and helpers, it’s not science either. And do you know what? Perfect laundry helps you spend more time for important things in your life.

If you don’t have the perfect laundry results, who or what do you blame? Maybe someone, who gave you bad advice? Or maybe your detergent is at fault? Or the dosing wasn’t right? Or perhaps your washing machine is old? Maybe, it’s just that you didn’t do all the steps that impeccable laundry actually takes.

Yes, impeccable laundry results take 3 steps. Let’s see. When do you need great results the most? When you have a tough stain, for example. You need to:

  1. Get rid of the stain.
  2. Get the whole garment clean and bright.
  3. Get it fresh, ready to wear.

But just doing these 3 steps will not be enough. You need the right products for great results, and you need to use them TOGETHER - because built on each other, they can enhace each other’s performance, adding you exactly what you need for your laundry. Here’s how you can achieve the 3 steps best.

  1. Pre-treat the stain with Ariel Professional, and add Ariel Professional to the wash load as well to get rid of tough stains.
  2. Use Ariel washing powder/liquid during the wash cycle for impeccably clean and bright clothes.
  3. Finish the laundry with your favourite Lenor product to get soft & fresh clothes, so you can be ready to look perfect.

These products will deliver perfection together and you make the results perfect with your self-confidence and pride, looking impeccable in order to go on and create perfection also around the house.

The article is brough to you by Laundry Expert brands:

     Ariel Professional, Ariel, Lenor