The value of Bold 2in1

Get the best of both worlds with a detergent that not only cleans, but also softens and freshens, all in one bottle.

When you’re short on time and you want to make sure the money you spend is going as far as it can, discover the science that means a single dose of Bold 2in1 liquid delivers freshness that lasts longer than even the best-selling bio detergent*.

Twice a time saver...

Bold2in1 contains a strong performing detergent so you can run a short wash. PLUS, with in-built fabric softener, that’s two missions accomplished when the machine switches off. …with twice the freshness!

The latest findings show that one dose of new Bold 2in1 liquid leaves clothes feeling and smelling fresher for far longer than two doses of the best-selling bio detergent*.
Bold 2in1 uses Perfume Micro Capsule technology – perfume micro bubbles attach themselves to clothes fibres during the wash and these bubbles retain their contents until the garment is worn, when any light touch releases the fragrance throughout the day.
*based on value share of IRI data 52 w/e 11th October 2014’’

"The freshness lasted well, and I noticed that my clothes stayed softer; even my towels didn't go crispy like they normally do when dried out in the sunshine." - Liz Stein

"I loved the smell of Bold – really fresh and clean smelling and I found it really stayed in my clothes even when they had been on the line." - Alleyne White