Summer laundry: 6 ways to cut costs

Here’s how you can tackle this summer’s washing and cut back on energy and water costs at the same time.

Whether you’re planning a staycation or a family holiday away, with the kids at home this summer you may feel your washing machine is running all the time. Fresh clothes, linen and towels are essential, of course, but they don’t have to come at an extra cost. With these handy tips from our experts, you’ll be able to save a few pennies too.

Keep it cool

Hotter water adds to your electricity bill, so if your clothes are not too dirty, running a wash below 30 degrees will do the trick. Using a good detergent like Bold2in1 will lift all stains and leave your clothes smelling great too.

Keep it white

Sun lotion and chlorine can wreak havoc on white clothes. But before you rush out to buy new basics, try Ariel Stain Remover Whitener to give last summer’s whites a new lease of life. This washing powder is specially formulated to give you a brilliant clean every time by lifting dried-in stains and reducing the grip of dirt.

Keep it fresh

Now that the warmer months are here, hang your clothes outside to dry instead of using the tumble dryer (that is if you have an outside space!). Ditching the tumble dryer is a great way to cut down on your energy costs. Drying may take a little longer, but the fresh air will do wonders for your clothes and you may even find that some garments won’t need any ironing after being on the washing line.

If you do need to use the tumble dryer, shake out your clothes completely before loading them. This will help to get more warm air to make contact with the fabrics, so they dry faster. Another great tip on saving ironing time is to take the clothes out before they’re completely dry. It’s much easier to get rid of stubborn creases when clothes are still damp.

Keep it full

Try to only run a wash when the drum is full. A very full load means you’ll use less water and energy per item of clothing.

Keep it short

Most washing machines come with a range of cycle options. Try using the shortest cycle – unless you have to deal with caked-on mud after football practice, of course! Not only does this save on wear and tear on fabrics, but it also helps to reduce the use of energy and water.

Keep it clean

Over time soap, softener and dirt build up in your washing machine and tubes. If this is not cleaned on a regular basis, your washing machine has to work a lot harder (which means higher water and energy bills) and can even start to smell mouldy. Using Soda Crystals is a great way to clean the drum, remove smells and flush away bacteria. Simply add 300g to the drum when it’s empty and run it on the longest hottest wash.

Got any tips on laundry tips? We’d love to hear from you.


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