Why do clothes dried outside smell so good?


There’s nothing quite like the smell of line-dried laundry that’s been blowing in the breeze on a sunny day. Poets pay homage to it, while artisans try their best to replicate its scent in candles and room diffusers. So, what if there was a way to bottle up the freshness of clean, line-dried laundry?

Say hello to new Lenor Outdoorable. Years of research have led Lenor’s perfumers to create a formula that mimics what the sun does to wet fabrics when they dry outside. Lenor’s SolarDry™ technology will give your clothes that incredible fresh-air feeling. Just like you’d get if they were dried outside in the sun (even if they’re dried inside).


It’s science, not magic

This isn’t a wishy-washy gimmick, it’s science. The distinctive fragrance of line-dried laundry is actually down to a photochemical reaction. This occurs when sunlight hits wet fabric and produces a range of aldehydes and ketones. They’re organic compounds that have an ozonic smell, which our noses associate with “outdoor” freshness.* This is what Lenor Outdoorable recreates.

Its ultra-concentrated formula (2.5x more concentrated than other Lenor fabric conditioners) has been designed to prevent the build-up of musty odours, taking the freshness of your laundry to the next level. And it means just a small dose is enough to get amazing full-blown freshness!

Beat the British weather

It’s not often we get a chance to dry our clothes outside in the UK. We get an average of five months of rain each year (that’s 156.2 days*) so it’s no wonder we’re renowned for unpredictable weather. But indoor drying is not always ideal, since fabrics have a tendency to pick up stale and unpleasant odours from the house. This is worsened when drying in small rooms or ones with carpeted floors.

But with its breakthrough formula, you’ll get unbeatable freshness every day by using Lenor Outdoorable. Whatever the weather. It’s built to create long-lasting freshness, even when your clothes are dried, folded away or when you’re on the move.

So defy the British weather and get blown away by Outdoorable’s freshness. Are you ready to step up your laundry game?