Expert view: Save money around the home

Cesarina Holm Kander gives us some instant money-saving tips for keeping the household running smoothly and on less money.

It’s never been more important to be savings-savvy, and to make clever choices about where and how you spend your cash - and it’s never been quite so rewarding to do so. It’s not about scrimping by, but about taking control, saving your money and having a laugh on the way.  Good luck!

Top tips for saving money today

Know your own budget! First, identify what you have coming in each month, how much you have going out on essentials (mortgage, utilities, etc), and what you are left with – it’s important to manage this carefully, as going over your budget will land you in debt.

Only buy what you need – it sounds silly but we’re all guilty of buying more than we need and then throwing it away, which means you’re just throwing away your money.  If it’s a product you do use regularly, which will ‘keep’, look out for offers such as 2 for 1 – however, only buy in bulk if you will use them!

Before you buy something big make sure you go online
to see if it is cheaper elsewhere, or if anyone is offering vouchers. This could be good for family days out.

Where possible, switch to frozen food, such as frozen vegetables, as it totally eliminates wastage – you only use what you need and the rest is safely there for when you need it next. It can also be good for your family too, as the nutrients are locked in.

Use well-known household brands that you can trust to work well and last longer (sometimes buying something cheaper can be a false economy), even down to washing up liquid and fabric conditioner.

Enjoy entertaining friends and family at home. It’s not all about expensive restaurants - a delicious home-cooked meal will provide just as much entertainment and cost half the price.

Get a bunch of friends together for a Friday night in. Instead of going out and paying over the odds for what you eat and drink. Split who brings what – the nibbles, the DVD, the meal (the wine!)… you’ll have as much fun but at a fraction of the cost of a night out – ENJOY!