Ten tips to save money on your weekly food shop

How to save pounds week in week out

Is food shopping eating up too much of your family budget? With a lot of us feeling the pinch recently, it pays to look at cutting costs.

A few easy tweaks when it comes to the weekly shop can save you hundreds of pounds over the course of the year. And none of them involve going without.

1. Make a quick shopping list

Spend just a couple of minutes itemising what you need and which shops to go to. Having a plan of action reduces the chance of impulse buys, saving you time and money!

2. Check online prices

Not every purchase is cheaper online but it’s good to have prices to compare when you get to the shops.

3. Make clever comparisons

The supermarket comparison site mysupermarket can take the legwork out of comparing prices.

You can even get price alerts on your favourite groceries – ideal for stocking up on things that keep.

4. Eat before shopping

If you’re hungry you’re much more likely to overspend on food shopping. If you’re full you’re less tempted to stop for a pricey café break, too.

5. Take a bottle of water along

Keep a clear head by being refreshed, especially on long shopping trips looking for that special purchase.