Taking control of your weekly food budget

Save money every week with a few small, simple changes

Here are a few tips that will help you organise your way to saving at least £10 a week.

Take a little more time and save money

  • Look closely - when you dash in and out of a store grabbing the first thing you see you might be missing out on a bargain.
  • Assess your spend - keep all your food receipts for a month: the big supermarket shop and ones for top-up supplies from local stores midweek. Run down the list, what items over £2 can you live without? Consider cheaper alternatives.
  • Check out your fridge - what really get used each week and what gets binned? eg if you always end up with half a bottle of flat fizzy drink it might be better value to buy small cans and use a little at a time, even if a bottle seems more cost-effective.
  • Midweek extras
 - you know how much the midweek extras should cost so leave the ‘extras’ money in a jar and only use this money rather than taking your purse when you shop to avoid impulse buys.
  • Shop online
 - the total is added up with each new item, so you can set yourself a limit and then review what you’ve got in your basket, removing one or two less important things if you go over your budget.

Savvy tip
Get listing!
 Avoid doubling up on items already in your cupboards and spending money before you need to. Make yourself four starter lists for each weekly shop through the month – on each you can include weekly essentials, then space out those useful things you only need to replace every two or three weeks.

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