4 Tips for Dads on the school run

Feeling the pressure to impress at the school gates? No worries: these ideas will help you give those yummy mummies a run for their money – even if you’re wearing trackie bottoms and a T-shirt straight out of the laundry bin!

Things have changed for dads. Sure there are still some dinosaurs out there, but nowadays everyone – from celebrities to your mates down the pub – is getting down with being an active and ever-present dad. (Why let the women have all the fun, right?)

In fact, more and more working and stay-at-home dads are taking on school-run duties, whether it’s dropping them off, picking them up or doing the whole caboodle. Of course, this is stressful enough, without having to worry about whether you’re hitting your #dappergoals.

But if you’ve got your basics sorted, you can wear pretty much anything and still look cool as. It’s not vain to take care of yourself – it’s essential (and it makes life a lot nicer for the other people in your home, too!).

So take the pressure off your clothes and get the grooming right instead, with four basic rules that make grooming quick, easy and rad-dad-worthy.

1. Buff up your barnet

First off, your hair. If you pride yourself on your Peaky Blinders short-back-and-sides or your rockstar quiff, you’re probably using lots of product, so it’s really important to wash away any residue. Aussie Men has three options packed with natural but effective ingredients, for whatever your hair needs: Keep It Strong, Keep It Clean and Keep It Thick.

Even if your barnet is barely there, you need to take care of your scalp and what hair you have – there’s not much that’s grimmer than a shower of dandruff on your shoulders. There’s a reason Head & Shoulders 2in1 for Men is the go-to solution for so many men with dry, flaky scalps. Give it a try.

2. Smooth out your skin

Listen, moisturising is NOT JUST FOR GIRLS. If you haven’t discovered this yet, where have you been? Proper skincare isn’t just about anti-ageing (go on, you secretly like that craggy look, don’t you?). It’s about making you feel more comfortable, especially if you shave every day.

You might want to experiment with a few cleansers, but unless you have really dry skin, a normal foaming cleanser will do the job. Then make sure you use a moisturiser with at least SPF15 to protect your skin from UV damage. If you work outside, you need to be protecting your skin all year round with a stronger sun cream – SPF30 at a minimum.

Once a week, exfoliate to help you get a more comfortable shave, reduce ingrown hairs and get a brighter complexion. You might want to use a daily exfoliator before shaving, if you have particularly strong growth.

If you’ve got oily skin and very visible pores, you might want to look at a toner, too, but it’s really not an essential for most skin-types.

3. Sort out your stubble

This is big decision time. Are you clean-shaven and smooth, vigorously bearded or somewhere in between? Whatever it is, make a commitment to it and MAINTAIN it. There’s a big difference between only-just-got-up 5 o’clock shadow and a nice scruff of three days or so, and it comes down to maintenance.

If you like to show off your jawline with a nice smooth cheek, you’ll want a razor that can reach every part of your face, but creates as little friction as possible, such as the Gillette Fusion 5 ProGlide, which features five anti-friction blades and FlexBall technology. Team it up with ProGlide Shaving Gel to reduce irritation and keep your skin feeling fresh and cool till your next shave.

Whether your beard is a precision goatee or a full-fledged hipster number, trimming it neatly will take you from dishevelled to devilish in a few moments. The Braun Beard Trimmer BT5050 has 25 settings, so whatever your facial hair, you’ll be able to keep it looking sharp with minimum effort. (Top tip: if you’re going for a new style, find an online tutorial to make sure you get your technique down before you get started.)

4. Polish your pearly whites

Well you obviously know how important this is. There’s not much that’s more appealing than a fresh, clean smile. But are you cleaning as well as you could be? An electric toothbrush is far more effective than a manual one – and feels amazing too.

If you’re a fan of a gadget, the Oral-B Genius 9000 electric toothbrush is the world’s first brush with Position Detection technology, so it can check that you’re getting to every nook and cranny. And with a dentist-inspired round head and oscillating, rotating and pulsating technology, it could revolutionise your cleaning.

Try using it with Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional Protection for targeted protection on the eight areas dentists check the most: cavities, plaque, gum problems, sensitivity, stains, bad breath, tartar and enamel erosion.