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Great ways to beat fatigue

Make small changes to your daily habits and feel energised to do more through your week.

Get seven to eight hours’ sleep.

  1. Caffeine can stay in the system for over half a day so avoid coffee, tea or fizzy drinks in the afternoon.
  2. Reduce alcohol intake – it hampers your REM (when you dream). Rapid Eye Movement sleep phases during your slumbering hours allow your brain to recharge, directly affecting its ability to function effectively the next day and even affecting your mood.
  3. An evening bath helps you relax and its effect of warming you up and cooling down has been proven to be a trigger for sleep. The warming effect of a hot milky drink could help in the same way.
  4. Get comfortable. Replace any old and worn out mattress and, if you find sleeping on your side leaves your body twisted, put a pillow under your top knee when you lay on your side.

Feed your energy levels

  1. Exercising contributes to a more restful night’s sleep. It also enhances circulation – more oxygen is sent to your cells helping to rejuvenate the body.
  2. Snack on dried fruit, nuts or berries through the day – these will help you even out the highs and lows of hunger and avoid over-eating to compensate.
  3. Insufficient iron levels can be lead to problems including fatigue. Eat iron-rich foods and maximise iron absorption by having vitamin C at the same time. Avoid coffee, tea, red wine and whole grains during those meals, as these can hinder absorption.
  4. Water helps deliver important nutrients around the body and supports essential maintenance. Fluids like juice will help keep you hydrated too.

Savvy tip

Make time for little pleasures that give you a kick – like turning bath time into a ‘spa break’.

Pass it on – eat to beat tiredness
Eating protein can help reduce the amount of sleep-inducing serotonin your body produces so eat a protein lunch and avoid carb-rich meals until evening.


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