The 12 scents of Christmas


Turkey, the scent of the Christmas tree… What scent sums up the spirit of Christmas for you? Is it one of these festive fragrances?


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Ho, ho, ho… It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas! That crisp, cold scent of snow in the air combined with the delicious scent of roasting chestnuts and mulled wine, the welcome warmth and aroma of an open fire – these Christmassy aromas are bound to put anyone in a festive mood. But then there are the not-so-nice smells too – like your mother-in-law’s burnt, blackened turkey and her overpowering perfume.

Whether they’re nasty or nice, these 12 smells of Christmas are definitely a familiar guest during the holidays. There’s no need to let the stinky smells ruin your holiday buzz however; just spritz away the nasty odours with Febreze’s festive Christmas scents and have yourself a merry little Christmas! Santa would definitely approve.

1. Christmas trees

Who doesn’t love the fresh pine scent of a lush, green Christmas tree? It brings back memories of festive family moments and conjures up images of sparkly Christmas lights, happy carollers and of course, Christmas presents!

2. Snow

Crisp, clean and so bitingly cold that it makes you clench your teeth, the smell of snow is one of the best things about winter. The wet, slushy stuff may not be much fun, but there’s just something about its fresh, cold scent that makes us turn our faces to the sky and sniff at the air.

Love the snowy scent? Try Febreze Scented Candle Frosted Pine. 

3. Hot chocolate 

There’s nothing like the sweet, comforting scent of hot chocolate to warm the bones on a cold day. The deliciously chocolatey smell of it is like a snuggly blanket for your senses – it’s bound to cheer up even the grumpiest Grinch.

4. Gingerbread

Men, cookies, houses… why can’t everything be made out of gingerbread? That fresh out of the oven gingerbread scent – sweet, buttery, gingery, spicy – is simply irresistible and always draws a crowd. A gingerbread fan? You’ll like Lenor Vanilla Sparkle – it’s just as delicious!

5. Open fire

A crackling, roaring fire on a cold, snowy night has to be the definition of bliss. Woody, smoky and warm, the scent of an open fire invites you to hold your palms out to share its warmth while you breathe in its hot, comforting smell.

6. Roast chestnuts

No Christmas fair is complete without the scent of roasting chestnuts wafting through the air. Sweet and nutty with that unmistakable hot charcoal scent, these steaming morsels smell like a good ol’ fashioned Christmas.

7. Christmas cake and Christmas pudding 

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, the fruity, spicy aromas of Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings are as Christmassy as Santa’s red and white suit. There’s something comforting about their darkly sweet, brandy-tinged scent, as long as you don’t have to break a tooth trying to bite into Aunt Shirley’s rock-hard version.

8. Cinnamon

The sweet, hot spiciness of cinnamon is a festive ingredient in all things Christmas. Whether it’s in mulled wine, cookies or eggnog, its warm, inviting scent makes everything seem cosier and merrier – perfect for those cold winter nights.

9. Oranges and cloves

This fruity, spicy, festive scent combination is as traditional as they come. The intoxicating aroma of clove-studded oranges instantly brightens up those long winter nights, and it does wonders to freshen up a cold, stuffy space.

10. Wet clothes

Brrr… the smell of wet clothes is enough to make anyone shiver! Damp, musty and increasingly stinky, the odour of sodden sweaters seem to linger on, much like your mother-in-law on Christmas Day.

Get rid of that damp stench with one of Febreze’s Christmas scents. (It won’t work on your mother-in-law though.)

11. Stale air

Baby, it’s cold outside… so it’s no surprise that all windows are firmly shut against the freezing temperatures! It does result in stuffy, airless rooms that turn everyone into a Grinch though – not ideal for Christmas.

Freshen up those spaces and perk everyone up with Febreze Apple and Spice.

12. Burnt turkey

Synonymous with disappointment and gnawing hunger pangs, the acrid smell of burnt turkey is the odour of every Christmas cook’s nightmares. To make the humiliation even worse, the smell insists on sticking around long after the evidence is binned. Oh, the shame!

Don’t let a blackened bird ruin your Christmas – spritz the smell away with one of Febreze’s Christmas scents and move on to the puddings.

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What smell says Christmas for you?

Is it one of these above or something completely different. Please share your favourite in our comments below.

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