What would Mrs Claus do?

How to transform your home into a Christmas wonderland worthy of her approval

‘Tis the season to deck the halls and infuse your home with festive flair! But before you fall back on the usual tree and wreath combo, ask yourself: ‘What would Mrs Claus do?’ There’s no better role model when it comes to creating your very own Christmas wonderland, which is why we’ve used her as our inspiration in our simple guide.

Choose a colour theme

The traditional red, white and green or a super modern monochromatic colour combination… Picking a colour theme is the perfect starting point. Sticking to a theme is also a great (and sneaky) way to avoid putting up your grand-aunt’s tacky handmade purple baubles – it’s not your fault they don’t fit into this year’s colour scheme.

Centrepieces that bring the outdoors in

The fresh, snowy scent of the wintry outdoors is one of the best things about Christmas. So why not use it for your table decorations? Gather up some pine cones, fir needles and acorns and arrange in beautiful glass jars for an outdoorsy, rustic ambience that will make everyone feel at one with nature.

Use food as decorations

Who doesn’t love a gingerbread house? It looks festive, smells amazing and if the turkey burns (knock on wood!), at least your guests won’t go hungry. Candy canes, sugar cookies, mince pies are also great at doing double duty as decorations. Do it right and your guests will feel as if they’re in a real-life adaptation of Hansel and Gretel. Check out our Christmas biscuit decoration recipe

Make it snow indoors

Ok, it may not be actual snow, but it’ll look like it! String some popcorn from the ceiling or dangle silvery baubles overhead to transform your home into a magical winter wonderland. Just make sure they are secured properly; a popcorn or bauble avalanche is not ideal.

Light a roaring fire

There is nothing more inviting and comforting than a blazing, crackling fire on a cold, wintry night. Best of all, those flickering flames will mesmerise your guests and lull them into a quiet contentment so there’ll be no need for any painful small talk – it’s a win-win!

Put Christmas in the air

Festive scents are a sure-fire way to get everyone in a merrymaking mood, and Febreze knows that. That’s why they’ve introduced a range of seasonal scents, just in time for Christmas, including Apple & Spice, Vanilla Latte, and Winter Garden. Not only do they smell good, they also eliminate any unwanted odours so that nothing gets in the way of you enjoying the scents of Christmas.

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