5 spooky Halloween ideas

Give your visitors a playful trick as well as a treat, with these five creepy but fun Halloween ideas.

Get the Halloween fun started early by encouraging the kids to decorate your home with these scary surprises.

A spooky welcome
For this fun Halloween idea use grey or white wool threaded over the garden gate to look like cobwebs.

Voice of doom
Get the kids to record themselves doing their scariest growls or ghoulish laughs, then play this through your letterbox door really loudly every time your doorbell rings. If you record the kids speaking or shouting into a bucket, they sound even spookier!

The box of snakes
This is a great cheap Halloween idea; get a box and cover it with orange, black or green paper then put your Halloween sweets inside so trick or treaters have to delve in, lucky-dip style. Secretly cut a hole and fit an old glove to the bottom of the box so you can slip your hand into it and move your hand around so it seems as if the sweets are alive! Jelly snakes work especially well for this.

Haunted dolls
Try simple Halloween decorations – put a row of dolls in the window peering out at trick or treaters and position a torch below them, covered with red tissue paper to create an evil red glow!

Dripping blood
This Halloween idea takes little effort – cut red crepe or tissue paper into strips and hang threads down from above the inside of the front door for a gory welcome for any visitor.

Sylvia (grandmother of nine, ages 6-15): ‘We put a chair in the hallway and dress up an old dummy as a witch. Because she doesn’t move, the children who knock on the door usually get a bit of a jump when we’re giving out Halloween sweets!’