Six resolutions to make as a family

Make this year all about what matters most – your family. Try these ideas for new habits and routines that will bring you closer together over the next 12 months.

Taking stock at the start of a new year should be all about what's most important to you. And for most of us, that means our nearest and dearest – our family.

So this year, why not focus your resolutions on bringing everyone closer together? Instead of promises about calorie counts or gym visits which by February we're trying to forget, you can make improvements that mean more love and happiness for everyone.

And by making resolutions as a family, your kids will learn more about how to set their own goals in life. That'll come in handy as they get older.

Just take a look at our suggestions for new year's resolutions that the whole family can get in on. And make this year the best one yet for all of you.

Spend more time outside together

Think back to your favourite childhood memory. Maybe it was at the beach, on a camping trip or just playing in the park. But chances are that it wasn't being stuck indoors with a screen.

TV and video games can seem like the easy way to keep the kids entertained, but doing outdoor activities doesn't have to mean a major expedition. Take a look at these suggestions for some easy, fun ways to get the kids enjoying the fresh air.

Start a weekly ritual

As your kids get older and their lives get busier, it can be tricky to find time to get together as a family. Creating a weekly activity that you all love is a great way to ensure you all find team for each other in the future.

Try designating one evening a week as movie night, where you stock up with everyone's favourite snacks to enjoy the latest blockbuster. Or maybe they'd prefer a games night, with everything from Scrabble to charades?

Make more memories

Your kids' childhood is flying by. You know this, but they won't appreciate it until much later. Then they'll thank you for keeping a record of your family life that everyone can look back on.

Shared memories are one of the best ways of building togetherness, so make sure you snap lots of pictures and get in front of the camera yourself now and again. Make a point of printing out more photos and popping them in frames too, so you've got a reminder of the fun times every day.

Enjoy the little things in life together

Life as a family isn't all about bucket list adventures and trips of a lifetime. More often it's about making the most of the everyday things in life, stopping and smelling the roses along life's way.

For instance, what's better than slipping on fresh clothes or snuggling up at home in crisp sheets? Everyday experiences like this can be even more special with Lenor Unstoppables, in-wash scent boosters that give all your laundry an unforgettable fresh smell.

Put down the phones

We've all done it –a child is trying to get our attention while we're just staring at our phone. All that computing power in our phones means we can easily get distracted by work or by friends. It doesn't set a good example for limiting kids' screen time.

So set yourself some rules about phone use when you're with your kids. Then stick to them – your children will be happy to point out when you cheat! It'll mean it's easier to focus on the bedtime story, and you can always catch up on social media when the kids are fast asleep.

Make mealtimes a focal point

There are all kinds of ways that the family meal gets undermined: fussy eaters want something different, busy kids are off to activities or you just want to flop down in front of the TV. But there are real benefits to sitting down to meals together.

Studies suggest kids eat better and even do better in school if they sit down to meals and have conversations with the grown-ups. So set aside a few evenings a week when you'll all be home for dinner, and watch the family grow closer together.

What's the family resolution that had most impact on you? Let us know your experiences in the comments.