After the holidays, opt for a body detox


Once the Christmas marathon is over, thoughts turn to the new year and how we can begin it or make changes to be the best version of ourselves.  And that doesn't mean you have to go on a diet! By opting for a purifying and detoxifying diet, you will help cleanse your body of all those excess delicacies!  A healthy diet and body detox are the perfect start for getting you out of holiday mode and cleansing your body for a fresher and more energized year ahead. 

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Ready for a home detox? With a healthy eating plan and detoxifying diet, you’ll be ready to take on the new year as the best version of yourself!  Let’s get into it.

What is a body detox exactly?

Coffee, tobacco, fatty food on the go...we’re all guilty of it! Month after month, our body accumulates toxins which accelerate the aging of our skin and weaken our natural resistance. As a result of this, we may feel tired, sleep badly but above all we feel bloated! The simple fact is that modifying our eating habits and favoring certain foods for a healthy eating plan would allow us to improve our health, beauty and complexion in a very space of short time. So why do we ignore it?  Let’s start the new year off the right way with a few top tips for a home detox and staying healthy!

5 golden rules for body detox on a daily basis

1. Drink more water!

The cold does not really encourage us to drink ... but drinking at least a litre and a half of water a day is the best solution and option of detox drinks to cleanse and purify your body.  Make sure to drink water in all its forms (still, sparkling ...) but also hot drinks, favoring herbal tea rather than coffee. At the office, drink water by keeping a bottle with you and remind yourself to keep drinking regularly.  Basically when you think you've drunk enough water, then drink more water!

Our tip: Try this delicious herbal tea recipe!

Recipe: 30g of ginger root, 10g of cinnamon peel, 40g of savory leaves, 10g of mint leaf and 10g of cardamom seeds. Store this mixture in an airtight pot and in the morning boil a spoonful in 30cl of water.

2. Resolve digestive problems

When your stomach is lazy or heavy, your complexion can look a bit grey. To revive your entire digestive system when waking up in the morning, reflexologists would advise vigorously rubbing the arch of your foot with a closed fist. You can also massage the entire underside of your foot by rolling it on a tennis ball for a few minutes.


Our tip: To speed up the elimination of toxins and help digestive problems, you can exfoliate your body in the shower once a week with a massage glove. Make large movements towards your heart and this will help blood circulation eliminate waste more quickly.

3. Here is the good soup for body detox

Fresh vegetable soup can calm your appetite and provides all the vitamins and minerals that our body needs for a healthy diet. Having soup as a starter, particularly in the evening can help you to moderate consumption of a main course, followed by dessert. Kale soup in particular is an excellent detoxifier to have as part of your healthy eating plan.  Be sure to check out other healthy foods that are full of goodness and perfect for the colder weather! 

4. Choose healthy foods for your detoxifying diet

Ban refined foods such as low-fat butters, cheeses and bagged bread from your cupboards and refrigerators.  Instead, bet on wholemeal bread (rye, millet, spelt) as a great alternative for a healthy diet. You can replace the sugar with honey. As for fruit and vegetables, take advantage of new year stock, such as lamb's lettuce, broccoli, beetroot, watercress or kiwi. Steamed or raw, all of these foods are able to protect our body and help reduce the risk of many diseases.  A great way to incorporate all these ingredients would be in a smoothie for one of the best detox drinks and ultimate body detox.  Try detox smoothies by making these three delicious detox smoothies at home for essential detox drinks to live by!


Our tip: for a bit of seasoning on your food itself, try to vary between olive oil and walnut oil.  Both add extra taste and help to cleanse the body.

5. In the evening, head for a good night's sleep

By reducing your evening meal, you will get quality sleep and help your body to purify itself. Soup, cheese and a dairy product would be the ideal menu.


Our tip: garnish your evening meal with a green salad. It promotes that full feeling and limits empty space on your plate. Rich in carotene and other vitamins, it is a simple yet effective addition to your healthy diet.  Salad also contains a key substance that can promote falling asleep!


How do you like to detox after the holidays?