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Vaginal discharge during pregnancy

What sort of vaginal discharge can you expect during pregnancy?

Just like the inside of your mouth and nostrils, the inside of your vagina is covered in mucous membrane, called vaginal discharge. This is produced by the body to moisten and cleanse the vagina.

The mucus which is made in the vagina in pregnancy, plays a part in protecting your developing baby from infections. .

What normal discharge looks like

This thin, milky, mild-smelling discharge is usually clear in colour but may look white or off-white when it is seen outside of your body (on your underwear or toilet tissue).

How discharge changes as your pregnancy goes on

How much of it there is and how thick or watery it is will vary from day to day. You might notice fluctuations in the amount of discharge produced. 43% of women said they experienced an increase in vaginal discharge in pregnancy. The amount of discharge can possibly increase until term, sometimes becoming quite heavy.

When to check with the doctor

An increase in vaginal discharge during pregnancy is completely normal. However, it’s a good idea to see you doctor:

When vaginal discharge suddenly changes

In colour (becomes yellow, green or grey), odour (strong or bad), amount or consistency or causes pain, itching or burning. It may indicate an underlying problem like an infection or the vaginal discharge may be amniotic fluid.

When you experience minor blood loss

Spotting during pregnancy is not uncommon, especially during the early stages. It’s often nothing to worry about (although you should still see your doctor straight away).

How you can keep feeling fresh

When experiencing vaginal discharge, some women find it comfortable to use pantyliners, that protect their underwear and to help them feel fresh and clean every day. Always Daily liners are so thin and light, you’ll forget you’re wearing them.

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