3 signs your daughter is about to start her first period


Before her first period arrives, your daughter’s body will experience some changes. Here are the signs that suggest your daughter’s first period is on its way, so you can prepare her in advance…Being a proactive parent will go a long way in answering any questions she may have. Letting her know some small signs of first period can ease and prevent a lot of worries and concerns.

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“When will I get my first period?” It’s a common question from pre-teen and teen daughters. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you knew exactly when your daughter was going to get her first period? That way both of you could be 100% prepared. Unfortunately, no-one can give you an exact date (unless they have a crystal ball!). However, we can tell you what signs of first period to look out for.

1.The age-old question: “When will I get my first period?”

2. Signs of first period in your daughter

2.1. Developing breasts

2.2. Growing pubic hair

2.3. Discharge before first period

3. How to talk to daughter about first period symptoms

4. Share your thoughts 

The age-old question: “When will I get my first period?”

Usually girls are aged 10 -16 when they get their first period. Although most girls get their first period at around the age of 12, girls can be as young as 8 when their first period arrives. This means that age alone is a pretty rubbish indicator of when your daughter will start her period!

Your daughters first menstrual period can be influenced by many things such as stress levels, hormonal imbalances, exercise intensity and genetics. It is common that girls will get their period at a similar time to when their mother did! Height, weight and body fat can also influence when girls will get their first period.

See a GP if your daughter hasn’t had any signs of her first period by the time she is 16 or at the age of 14 if she hasn’t experienced any of the other signs of puberty by then. 

Signs of first period in your daughter

The good news is your daughter’s first period won’t just arrive completely out of the blue - her body will offer up a few little clues first. These are the main signs that her first period is imminent that you should both be on the lookout for, but do make her aware that these changes can happen in any order though.

1. Developing breasts

She’ll get breast “buds” (breasts can then take up to three to four years to fully develop). Generally, your daughter’s first period will start about two years after her breasts begin to develop.  It is quite common for breasts to be somewhat tender or sore as they grow, as well as uneven.  Reassure her that these things are all totally normal and normally improve over time.

2. Growing pubic hair

Soon after her breasts start to form, she’ll start developing pubic hair. It will be soft and thin at first and then gradually become coarser. Her first period usually arrives around one to two years after pubic hair starts growing.

3. Discharge before first period

She’ll start to experience vaginal discharge that will be either white or yellowish. She may want to start using Always Dailies to protect her underwear. Her first period should start within the next few months after the start of discharge.  However sometimes discharge before her first period can begin up to a year beforehand.  This is a natural response to the growing amounts of estrogen hormone in the body and helps keep the vagina healthy.  

How to talk to daughter about first period symptoms

Bearing in mind that girls can start their periods as young as 8, it makes sense to start talking about the signs and symptoms of her first period sooner rather than later. We’ve got lots of advice on how to prepare your daughter for her first period.

You can also help your daughter feel prepared for her first period by stocking up on some protection like Always.

Suggest that she keep some pantyliners in her bag in case she gets her first period while she’s not at home. She may even want to keep an extra pair of underwear in her book bag or locker. She’ll really appreciate these tips (and her proactive mum!) when her first period does arrive.

On the occasion of your daughter's first period signs or period, why not give her a gift to remember it by? A small bracelet, earrings or an intimate hygiene kit may make it easier for your daughter to deal with the changes her body is going through.

Share your thoughts

We’d love to know what you think about how you can get your daughter prepared for her first period. It could really help another mum out there.