Spring clean season: your questions answered

Messy family? Musty smells? Check out our quick cleaning SOS

Q: I’m so proud of my two budding rugby stars, but the mess they bring home after practice. Muddy shoes, dirty jerseys and sweat stains everywhere… How can I keep the mess under control without giving my boys the boot?

A: We’re here to help you tackle the issue (excuse the pun!). Messy boys can be hard to train, but try confining the mess to a specific area by creating an imaginary no-mess zone near the front door. Place a laundry hamper there for muddy clothes and designate a spot for dirty shoes. This way, the boys can ditch their dirty clothes and shoes before entering your lovingly clean home. And if the lingering stench of sweaty odours is an issue, reach for the Febreze Caribbean Paradise – not only will a spritz banish all nasty smells, it will take you back to thoughts of your summer holidays.

Q: Messy other half alert! Smelly socks everywhere and dirty dishes left in the sink… My other half is a one-man tornado, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. How can I keep his mess under control without declaring a state of emergency?

A: Step away from the big red emergency button and take a deep breath – Febreze is here to save the day! Start with the clutter – place bins or laundry baskets wherever the mess is at red alert levels, and start loading it up with his scattered items (dishes included). Then arm yourself with Febreze Air Effects and go to war on those odours – Febreze eradicates all sorts of nasty odours and infuses the space with a light, refreshing scent. Use the Febreze fabric refresher on your cushions, couches and curtains too – odours love fabric! And finally, use an Ambi Pur plug-in to keep your home smelling fresh all around the clock.

Q: Eau de wet dog is the smell du jour in my car at the moment, thanks to the muddy outings with my four-legged friend. I’m not fussed about the dirt and mud, but the odour is driving my friends away… What should I do?

A: Eau de Wet Dog is more “eww de toilet” than fancy fragrance. But before man’s best friend becomes your only friend, try using Febreze car freshener – it’ll eradicate all those gross doggy odours from your car. If the smell persists, use Febreze fabric refresher on the seats and they’ll smell clean and fresh once more. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Q: The musty and stale atmosphere in my home is having a negative effect on visitors. It’s hard to keep the conversation flowing naturally when there’s an unpleasant whiff in the air. How can I freshen up the atmosphere (and the conversation) without letting the cold in?

A: Keeping your home non-musty is a must when it comes to guest etiquette. But there’s no need to freeze your eyeballs off in the process when there’s Ambi Pur. Try a handy Ambi Pur plug-in – not only does it eliminate all traces of nasty odours and mustiness on a regular basis, it’ll also infuse the room with a clean, refreshing scent of your choice. It’s all you need to rejuvenate drowsy guests and dull conversation.

Q: My bedroom isn’t exactly what you’d call an oasis of calm, and I feel I’m looking older and more haggard! Any tips on what I can do for better boudoir to help me become more Sleeping Beauty and less walking zombie?

A: If only we could get to turn back time when it comes to our looks! The good news is you don’t have to splash out on an expensive bedroom update to make things feel more serene. Begin by creating a soothing sleep sanctuary – draw the curtains, turn off any electronics and surround yourself with calming colours and scents. Try the Febreze Sleep Serenity range in Warm Milk and Honey, Quiet Jasmine or Moonlit Lavender – they’ll infuse the room with a light, calming scent, which will help you drift off into dreamland.

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