Cleaning tips and tricks all year round!

Feel like your home could use a major spring clean but rarely have time to do any rooms thoroughly? Here are some house cleaning tips for breezing through the big spring clean in no time at all

When it comes to spring cleaning the first challenge can be breaking down the mammoth task; just where do you begin?

If you only have limited time then prioritise for your daytime living spaces, as they are the places you spend your waking hours. Bedrooms can often be a seriously big project, so don’t worry yourself if they are a little messy – it is your personal space after all.

  1. Throw a load of washing in. Laundry might seem like a big household chore, but you can get a wash going in five minutes so it’s a great way to kick start your clean-up. Pick up any dirty washing from the floor and any towels around the house and add a gorgeous-smelling fabric conditioner to the wash so everything will smell fresh and fragrant.
  2. Carpet sweep through. Run the vacuum cleaner through the living room and pull the cushions off the sofa to get any dust or crumbs out. This helps plump up the sofa too, making it look like you’ve done a serious clean up when it only takes a couple of minutes. If getting the cleaner out always feels like a bit of a hassle, think about investing in a hand held vacuum so you don’t have time to wrestle with the electric cables of your main vacuum, and use some Febreze Fabric refresher on sofas and carpets, and all those objects that you cannot just throw into the washing machine, to make your soft furnishings smell really fresh.
  3. Tidy those towels. In the average family household the bathroom quickly becomes a wasteland of deserted, used towels! Spring into action and collect all the towels for a wash. It takes very little time to add a fresh towel per person and it will make the bathroom look instantly tidier.
  4. Hang up the coats. Don’t find yourself feeling overwhelmed by a mess as soon as you step through the front door. Kids have a tendency to leave jackets and fleeces strewn everywhere. We all have a habit of overloading the hallway coat hooks, so just spend ten minutes going through what you have loaded up on them. Put away spring and summer jackets so it makes it easier to hang up the winter wear, or vice versa when the season changes. It makes the hallway look instantly cleaner.
  5. Pick up the pieces. Stairs are a magnet for unopened junk mail, lounge floors attract forgotten toys and the kitchen table is almost always cluttered with everyone’s paperwork. Clearing away these bits and pieces immediately makes every room look better and gives a better sense of spaciousness. If you don’t have time to sift through the mess and return it all to various rightful shelves and cupboards, assign a basket or box to miscellaneous mess to be filed another day!
  6. Bathroom Cleaning . Bathroom cleaning can be grim, especially if you put it off for too long! Wipe the surfaces over regularly using Flash All Purpose Cleaner with Febreze Freshener and a damp cloth, to keep your bathroom looking clean and shiny and smelling fresh too.


"The neat liquid has so much power that it lifts off dirt really well and then it all just wipes clean with a damp sponge. The floor has never looked or smelt so good!" - Claire Coates

"I really liked using Flash. It was easy to use and measure plus it smelt lovely. It left my floors lovely and clean." - Liz Stein