6 quick and easy tips to transform your home

Give your house a new lease of life with these six New Year’s resolutions for your home.

When it comes to a new year, we often make the same old resolutions: lose some weight, quit bad habits, be less stressed, and so on.

And while these are all worthy, why not also give your home some love this year? Whether it’s looking tired around the edges and needs a revamp, or you need to be stricter with your cleaning schedule, read on for our tips on how to turn your home into a haven in 2017.

1. I will deep clean the carpets

Now the decorations are down and the pine needles are all hoovered up, give your carpets a deep clean.

You can rent carpet cleaners inexpensively or, if you’d like to let someone else do the work, get the professionals in. You’ll be amazed at the amount of grime that’s embedded deep in the fabric. Your carpets will look brand new and it’ll inspire you to keep them clean for the rest of the year.

Treat larger items that can’t be washed, such as sofas, armchairs and curtains, to a good hoover and refresh them with your favourite scent of Febreze fabric refresher.

2. I will clear out the clutter

You’ll need to make room for the new influx of toys after Christmas, so it’s a great opportunity for a big clear-out.

Make three piles: keep, throw and sell. Then price up your sellable items and post them on your local Facebay group or auction site for some extra post-Christmas cash.

If you find it hard to part with things, see our article 6 rules for clearing out sentimental clutter.

And to help avoid clutter in the future, invest in some smart storage solutions, including decorative boxes and under-the-bed storage, so you can tuck away unused items. Check out our 7 smart storage solutions for more tips.

3. I will paint an accent wall

Painting just one wall can totally transform a room. To help you choose the wall, walk into the room of choice and pay attention to where your eye is naturally drawn first. It’s usually where the bed is in the bedroom, the fireplace in the living room or the table in the kitchen, for example.

Choose a bold colour and buy a few cushions or a lampshade or two to bring the colour into the rest of the room.

4. I will work out a weekly cleaning schedule

Cleaning can often shift to the bottom of your to-do list, but it’s important to keep on top of chores before they get on top of you!

Why not rope in the whole family by giving everyone set tasks to undertake? You can create a pin-up schedule and fill it with gold stars when each chore is completed.

You can use rewards to incentivise them, such as days out, a trip to the swimming pool or a special meal/dessert for the person with the most gold stars.

For more tips, see our Foolproof ways to stop you having to nag when it’s cleaning up time.

5. I will decorate the spare room

Most of us are guilty of using the spare room as a walk-in storage cupboard, but by clearing it out and decorating it, you could add a whole new element to your home – and even your life.

You could use it as a guest room, a relaxed office space, or a playroom. Or have a think about your hobbies and dedicate the room to that; for example a mini cinema, a reading snug or a music room.

Brainstorm with the family and create some mood boards on Pinterest before getting stuck in.

6. I will keep my home smelling fresh

After all the hard work you’ve put in to rejuvenating your home, you’ll want it to smell as fresh and welcoming as possible. Place a couple of Ambi Pur plug-ins around the home to maintain a light fragrant scent for up to 90 days. With fragrances such as Vanilla Harmony, Coastal Escape and Sweet Citrus & Zest, you’re sure to find one just right for your home.

What changes are you planning for your home this year?

Let us know in the comments section below.