Eliminate smoke smells and refresh your home


Sometimes smells linger in the home. Whether you’re battling cigarette smells or smoky cooking, Febreze has the answer.

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Sometimes smells stick around in your home like an unwanted guest. The smell could be caused by any number of things; a dog with a nose for stinky adventures, people smoking cigarettes in your home or perhaps even just an experimental chef in the family. Whilst opening windows and trying to air the place out might be tempting, there are more efficient ways to tackle the smells in your home.

Get to the root of the problem

If you’re trying to rid your home of any lingering smoke smells clean any materials that may have trapped the offending smell. Go for a full detox in any rooms affected – clean any and all surfaces. Throw washable items in the washing machine and vacuum everywhere, changing bags and filters once you’ve done so.

For non-washable fabrics such as sofas and carpets reach for Febreze Fabric Refresher. Just spray directly onto the surface until damp and then allow to dry. Those smells will soon be gone.

Should guests wish to smoke in your home kindly ask that they do so outside – this will help reduce the build-up of smells indoors.

Here’s a little extra tip in case you’re battling cigarette smells – clean mirrors and frames too. A little layer of grime might have built up on them which could be adding to the smell.

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Say goodbye to smelly rooms

To keep on top of smells make sure you clean your home regularly. It might seem obvious but it will stop smells building up.

Once you’re doing this regularly there’s a really simple way to keep your rooms smelling lovely and fresh. Enter Febreze again! With its powerful odour-tackling ingredients it eliminates odours for good.

For constant freshness use a 3Volution Air Freshener. Harness the power of Febreze, eliminating odours whilst keeping your home smelling fresh, providing a welcoming environment to the whole family.