Top tips to clean your kitchen in moments


Try these tricks and tips to help you keep on top of things in the kitchen and deal with spills, stains and smells quickly and easily. This will allow you to enjoy a clean cut kitchen every day.

How to clean a kitchen quickly?

Get to the core of a dirty floor;

Put a stop to dirty hobs;

Swipe the surface with more purpose;


How to clean a kitchen quickly?

The kitchen is so often the heart of the home – the room that brings together food, chatter and sometimes mayhem too! But with so many things going on, it’s also the room that gets messy more often than the rest of the house. To help keep your kitchen in tip-top shape and always ready for the next meal, little chat or dinner with friends, here’s a handy list of cleaning tips that are both quick and easy.


Get to the core of a dirty floor

With big, little and even furry feline feet constantly traipsing in and out, bits of food escaping from chopping boards and a spill here and there, the kitchen floor takes on a lot.

Having a small handheld vacuum or dustpan close while preparing food, helps to get rid of bits of food or other spills immediately. If you’re planning a bigger clean, it’s useful to vacuum before mopping to tackle excess dust and crumbs.

Once that’s done, it’s time to get the mop out. Flash Floor Liquids come in all sorts of fragrances, so not only does it lift grime and stains off your kitchen floor, but it smells fresh and breezy too.

For even more cleaning power, you can try Flash Multi Surface Concentrated Cleaner. Thanks to its unique gel form, it can easily be diluted in a bucket of water, but contains double the cleaning power of other floor cleaning liquids. So you won’t have to use as much each time.

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Put a stop to dirty hobs

One of the things that often makes mums think twice about cooking a big family favourite or special dinner for friends, is the mess it leaves on cooker tops and hobs. Stovetop cleaner Flash Kitchen Spray is specially formulated to get rid of those hard-to-shift oily marks and burnt-on food. So it cuts down on scrubbing, making it perfect for quick, spotless results on cooker hobs, oven surfaces and even microwaves.


Swipe the surface with more purpose

Little and big accidents do happen. That’s just the nature of life in the kitchen. But to keep stains and water damage on your kitchen surfaces to the minimum, have a packet of Flash Cleaning Wipes within easy reach to tackle spills and messes as they happen - perfect for the cleanup kitchen. These handy little wipes are tough on grime and stains, and a quick, convenient way to keep your kitchen surfaces spotless.

For spots that need a little magic, try Flash Magic Eraser. This multi-purpose hero is made with a special substance called melamine that hardens and forms little triangles when it comes in contact with water, lifting dirt effortlessly from any surface.

Limescale always seems to get the better of kitchen sinks and taps, no matter how often you wipe them clean. Viakal Limescale Remover not only removes limescale, but also protects your surfaces three times longer than other limescale removers. So it’s a great way to keep watermarks at bay.

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