Beautiful bedroom ideas

With a few clever little décor changes you can turn the space you sleep in at night into a luxurious daytime retreat when you fancy a little relaxing me-time in the day.

So much more than just a place to put your head down and rest, your bedroom is where you get dressed, where you do your make-up and ultimately where you explore what you want your style to be. And, when the sofa’s taken with other family members watching something you’re not interested in, it has the potential be your personal retreat. Remove the television, put the laundry basket in the bathroom, and start thinking positively about what you really want your own space to be, with our five great bedroom interior ideas.

5 key steps from bedroom to boudoir
1. Flattering lighting
Dimmable lights provide a variety of settings to suit any mood at any time of the day. Alternatively, why not position a floor lamp next to a chair where you can sit and read, call friends or check out Facebook? This would also give you a separate space to relax in, rather than you always having to sit on your bed.

TIP Candles provide a magical glow, but in a room with so many soft furnishings they’re not the safest option. Why not try LED tealights in frosted glass holders for the same flickering effect?

2. Colour schemes
Rich, warm paint colours or calming pastels are popular choices for bedrooms, but if you feel these don’t really reflect enough of your personality, bring out patterns and contrasting hues in cushions, throws and bed linen. Maybe you could even make cushion covers from old dress material to give the room a retro fashion feel.

TIP Repainting the bedroom means moving some of the biggest pieces of furniture in your home (bed, wardrobe, drawers), so make sure you’re really happy with what you’ve chosen. Our article on Interior décor: trying new colours has some useful pointers.

3. Decorate to inspire
Putting up a few favourite pictures, paintings or photographs will instantly add a personal touch to your new-look bedroom. Think about what will complement your walls and furnishings, and for more tips, why not see our Vintage bedroom style article?

TIP Make the bedroom feel truly different from the rest of your home. Pick calming pictures, such as landscapes, paintings of evening scenes or favourite artwork– whatever gives you pleasure. Trust your instincts.

4. Feel cosy but classy
Soft, good-quality cotton and fluffy, comfortable bed linens are a first step to creating the ultimate comfort zone. Sensual textures add an indulgent touch. You don’t have to go to any great expense.

TIP If you have a budget, choose new curtains and a fresh duvet, a velvety chenille throw and plush rugs to absorb noise in the room and feel smooth under your feet when you kick off your shoes.

5. Use common scents
Make your haven a joy for the senses. The fragrance of lavender and jasmine are relaxing, and associated with being able to sleep better, while the essential oil ylang-ylang is said to conjure romance.

TIP Choose an aroma that expresses your mood and delicately infuses the air. For inspiration, see our suggestions for aromas to suit all the rooms in your home – Where to lay your lavender.

And… relax
Now you’ve got the perfect place to relax in, what are you going to do? Here are some lovely ideas to get you started – 30-minute me-time escapes.