Hands-on craft projects for spring

Transforming old clutter into fabulous new decorative pieces for your home not only refreshes your rooms but it’s also an enjoyable and creative way to spend your downtime.

If you are itching for a new look but just don’t have the budget for a major decorating overhaul, why not recycle and get crafting? On SuperSavvyMe we have lots of inspiring articles, including Interior design weekend projects, but if you want to dip your toes in the water first, try one of these simple but effective craft ideas.

Pretty glass lantern
ABILITY LEVEL: super easy
Turn clear glass jars into candle holders. If the jars have a ridge around the top you can wind garden wire around them then twist this wire into a handle so you can hang your lanterns out for an evening in the garden. Simple clear glass will give off a magical light, but you can buy light bulb paint (don’t use regular paint) to decorate the holders and add a splash of colour.
Fancy a more adventurous challenge? Here’s a great little craft project where you turn an item of old-fashioned luggage into a newly lined chest or table for your bedroom – Homecraft: Update a vintage suitcase.

Patchwork cushion
ABILITY LEVEL: an ideal second project
Simple shapes like cushion covers or a throw for the sofa are perfect when you’re new to sewing. Don’t spend money buying fabrics; instead see what old clothes and scraps of material you have at home and turn these into patchwork patterns.
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Rustic shelf
ABILITY LEVEL: slightly more complicated
See if your local grocer has any small wooden fruit crates that are being thrown out. Take one and sand down its rough edges, paint it a light colour to contrast with your walls and hang it as a shelf above a desk, to hold pots of pencils.The shape of the crate beautifully frames whatever you put on your shelf, so a small vase of flowers or a potted plant will also look great.
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3 five-minute home improvements
Even when you’ve got just a little time, it’s fun to switch things around. Here’s a handful of ideas to get you started.

1. If you’re bored with an old picture, use the frame for something new. It could be a cluster of favourite family photos, or just a patch of fabric that you love, in a hue that matches the room’s colour scheme. A strip of funky wallpaper or wrapping paper works brilliantly, too.

2. Hang white fairy lights around a fireplace or over the door or window overlooking the garden. Dig them out of the Christmas decorations box and give them a chance to twinkle on summer nights!

3. Turn a lovely but worn old tablecloth into a table runner. Cut off the frayed edges then fold and tack the fabric into a sleek, long centerpiece, placing a vase or fruit bowl in the middle.

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