Hinch your nursery!

Nurseries can be pretty and practical. Here are six ideas inspired by new mum Mrs Hinch…

Mrs Hinch has just become a mum – and while baby Hinch’s nursery has been kept under wraps so far, she’s shared lots of beautiful baby bits with her Instagram followers along the way.

So here we’ve gathered together some Hinch-inspired baby and nursery décor ideas that you could try for your own little bundle of joy…

Go neutral

Mrs Hinch has had a baby boy, but she’s generally stayed away from all things blue (with a few exceptions!), and instead has opted for lots of whites, shades of grey, and gentle pastel shades.

If you’ve decided to keep the gender of your baby a surprise, this is a great way to go. And even if you know, you no longer need to follow “pink for a girl and blue for a boy” – you can choose whatever colours you want! And by going neutral, you’re keeping things simple, classic and oh-so stylish.

Keep it classic

Keep any themes subtle. Babies grow up quickly, and before you know it your tot has decided they love, love, love dinosaurs, but their room is covered in fluffy kittens.

So it’s a good idea to keep their room simple and classic, with perhaps a subtle theme using soft furnishings: a picture here or a cushion there. This way, you can easily switch the theme when they grow out of it. Which tots have a tendency to do very quickly!

Get personal

Even before she’d decided on a name, Mrs Hinch had blankets, toys and clothes adorned with “Mini Hinch” or “Baby Hinch”. Of course personalising items can be expensive, so you could just choose one or two precious items, such as the blanket you bring them home in, or their first cuddly toy, and have it adorned with their initials, name, or if you are yet to decide on a name, do as Mrs Hinch has done and simply opt for their surname with the prefix “mini” or “baby”. So sweet!

It’s all about textures

A baby’s skin is super sensitive, so you want all blankets, clothes and cloths to be soft as, well, a baby’s bottom!

Look for pure cotton, or cotton/polyester blends, and warm and fuzzy fleece. Not only is this soft against your baby’s skin, but it’s pretty snuggly for you too!

Don’t forget to wash everything in a non-bio detergent, such as Fairy Non Bio, which is voted #1 for sensitive skin, making it perfect for newborns.

Baskets, baskets, baskets!

Mrs Hinch loves a basket at the best of times, and they are simply perfect when it comes to organising your nursery.

For example, you can keep essentials, such as nappies, baby wipes, talc and creams in a storage basket by the changing unit, store all the bath-time bits together, and keep a handy basket of muslins next to your feeding chair.

You could also use baskets or dividers in the nursery drawers. It might seem excessive, but grabbing what you need and quickly is essential when you have a newborn that you need to keep a careful eye on.

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Keep it clean

You’ll quickly discover it’s nearly impossible to keep everything super clean with a newborn, but the most important thing is to keep everything safe and free of germs with the right cleaning products.

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