4 Mrs Hinch-approved stress-relieving cleaning tips

Could doing housework help boost your mood? Mrs Hinch believes it helps her, so why not give it a try?

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When Mrs Hinch’s mind gets a little too busy or overwhelmed, she combats it by losing herself in some household chores. Here, we’ve gathered together some of her top stress relief cleaning tips, as showcased on her Instagram, to help you find the calm when you clean.

1. Fill your home with soothing scents

The calming effects of certain scents have been known for centuries. So if you drop some essential oils in your bath for a relaxing soak, why not extend this and fill your home with fragrance to help you unwind while you’re doing your household chores? Mrs Hinch loves to use products that will release the scent of spring around the home as she mops her wooden floors or blitzes the bathroom.

Fragrance is great when it comes to sleep, too, as it helps you to drift off and slumber soundly – and a good night’s sleep is great for stress relief. For this, Mrs Hinch sprays her bed sheets and cushions with fabric refresher every day to eliminate bad odours and leave a fresh, subtle scent.

2. Take your stress out on the house

Many experts believe that hitting inanimate objects can help externalise any stress and anger you might be feeling inside and thereby provide stress relief. And while we don’t condone hitting things, plumping up your cushions is a great way to vent some pent-up aggression. And you end up with firmer-looking cushions. Result!

Indeed, every morning, Mrs Hinch “karate chops” her bed cushions to get them looking just-so, and to help set her up for the day! Other household chores to try include using a dry hand squeegee to scrape all the hair and fur out of your carpet. So satisfying! Also, achieving a tough cleaning job can make you feel great: try tackling the grimy underside of your pots and pans.

3. Make a productivity checklist

Every Friday, Mrs Hinch grabs a notepad and pen and makes her way round the house, making a list of household chores that need doing. In particular, those jobs that aren’t part of your regular routine, but have been bugging you: messy food cupboards, disorganised drawers, dirt build-up around the windows, and so on.

Getting these jobs down onto paper helps to prioritise and fix a goal for that day - although make sure it’s realistic for the time you have, otherwise you’ll just stress yourself out more! Plus, as you make your way through the list, the sense of satisfaction when ticking off each task is great for stress relief. After all, cleaning your house is something you can control.

4. Clear out clutter

A cluttered home makes for a cluttered mind, so it’s important to keep your home free of unnecessary knick-knacks. Mrs Hinch is a huge fan of using baskets and storage to help organise her home. To find out more, check out our article Declutter to clear your mind with the help of Mrs Hinch.