Discover your laundry Dream Team!


Standing in front of the laundry section in the supermarket can leave you feeling totally bamboozled: should I use washing powder, liquid, gel or capsules? What is the difference between bio and non-bio detergent? What are mild detergents? And, of course, which laundry detergent is best for me?  

So, to make your life easier, Bold, Ariel and Lenor have united to create laundry Dream Teams. These winning combinations will make a huge difference to your wash, offering a superior clean and gorgeously fresh-smelling laundry.

To help find the Dream Team that fulfills what is most important to you, simply check out our rundown of the Dream Teams on offer below.

Best for… a better night’s sleep

Lavender and chamomile have long been known for their sleep benefits, helping us to get a restful night. And now you can infuse your bedsheets with the sleep-inducing scent thanks to the Lavender & Chamomile Dream Team.

With fresh extracts of lavender, flowers and warm woods, the Lavender & Chamomile scent of Bold all-in-one Pods and Lenor Fabric Conditioner is designed to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day. And for super-sleeping power, add a scoop of Unstoppables Dreams Scent Boosters with vanilla, musk and woody fragrances. Dreamy…

Best for… feeling and smelling fresh

Do your clothes have a musky smell you just can’t get rid of? A key culprit to this is not fully removing dirt in the wash. Up to 70% of stains on clothes are invisible, and if they don’t come off in the first wash, they act like a glue that attracts more dirt. Yikes!

But the Ultimate Clean Dream Team will give you a brilliant clean thanks to Ariel All-in-one Pods with Febreze, and long-lasting freshness with the Unstoppables Fresh Scent Boosters fragrance lasting up to 12 weeks – even in storage.

Best for… sensitive skin

Sensitive skin needs special care, and that includes thinking about what you wash your clothes in. You might have wondered, “What’s the difference between regular detergent and non-bio detergent?” Well, non-bio detergent doesn’t contain enzymes, which skin can be sensitive to. So, if you are the sensitive type, the non-bio Sensitive Skin Dream Team is for you.

Awarded the Skin Health Alliance seal of approval and voted the No.1 laundry brand for sensitive skin, combine Fairy Non-Bio Pods with Fairy Snuggly Soft Fabric Conditioner for gentle softness the whole family can snuggle up in.

Best for… cleaning dingy workout gear

We rarely smell our best when we work out, but it’s even worse if you start off with bad-smelling workout gear, as sweat turns your clothes musky over time. But there is a solution: the Odour Defence Dream Team, which works as hard as you do.

Ariel Active Pods with Odour Defence Technology are specially designed to remove sweaty smells, as well as give a brilliant clean. For added power, pop in a scoop of Unstoppables Active, which has motion-activated odour-shield technology, helping to prevent sweaty smells from clinging to your clothes, even during the toughest workouts.

Best for… summer lovers

Smells can instantly transport you to a time and place, and when and where better than in a garden on a summer’s day, with freshly cleaned linen blowing in the breeze?

This is where the Summer Breeze Dream Team takes you, with floral top notes on a base of deep wood and musk. Simply use Bold Summer Breeze All-in-one Pods together with Lenor Summer Breeze Fabric Conditioner – and, if tumble drying, Lenor Summer Breeze Dryer Sheets – and you’ll turn every laundry day into a summer’s day.

Best for… smelling amazing

Do you often find that your perfume dissipates too quickly? An ongoing trend in the beauty world is fragrance layering, which helps a scent to last longer. With this in mind, Bold and Lenor created the Ruby Jasmine Dream Team

The combination of Bold Ruby Jasmine Pods with Lenor Ruby Jasmine Fabric Conditioner offers an addictive aroma of exotic fruits mixed with deep vanilla and musk. To help this sophisticated scent last even longer, add a scoop of Ruby Jasmine Lenor In-Wash Scent Booster Beads. Together, this creates a dreamy base for a touch of delicate perfume and a fragrance combination that lasts.
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