How to plan your laundry day

Set aside one day a week to get all your laundry done with these washing and drying quick-tips from Ariel 3in1 Pods.

Need some help with laundry symbols? Check out our in depth guide here!

With a little organising, you can tick all your washing boxes in just one day, so you’ve got time to enjoy the fun things in life.

Getting started

It takes very little time to sort piles and you’ll instantly feel you’re making progress. Plan to do your washes in order of how much drying each laundry pile requires.

1. Towels and heavy items first to make the most of outside drying time (on dry days).

2. Essentials – such as undies and work or school uniform that must be clean and ready to wear.

3. Cooler washes – Ariel 3in1 Pods provide fast working stain removal even at 30°C, thanks to a unique combination of technologies. This enables you to make quick progress with washes of lightly soiled items and those with a ‘max wash 30°C’ care label.

4. Shirts – items that take very little time to dry are a quick win at the end of the day.

SAVVY TIP: Streamline your laundry day so it's not a clutter of bottles and pre-soaking processes – Ariel 3in1 Pods contain three key ingredients to clean, lift stains and brighten your washing all in one, so you get your tasks done simply and easily.


Seriously clean in less time

There are a few simple ways you can cut washing time – often helping  you save money on energy bills.

  • Washing on cooler temperatures takes less time because the water doesn’t need to be heated for so long. Turn to 30 degrees with all Ariel products to help save time and money!
  • Quick-wash options can effectively clean lightly soiled items. Just remember that if someone in your family is ill, or if you are washing heavily used items, do still wash them on the hottest temperature the label will allow.


Effective laundry drying

On cold windless or rainy days, think smart about how you arrange your washes.

  • Using a faster spin on wash cycles (on clothing that will take it) will speed up drying times.
  • If you use a tumble dryer, add a small dry towel to the wash to soak up excess moisture. Take it out after 15 minutes or so, then continue the tumble cycle.
  • When drying clothes inside, avoid hanging clothes on radiators and use a clothes horse instead. But don’t hang clothes too closely to each other – it takes them longer to dry.