How to wash baby clothes


Any parent with a baby will know that washing newborn baby clothes is quite a task. Not only do babies provide a near-constant laundry load, but their delicate skin means their clothes need washing carefully. Naturally you’ll want to protect your baby’s super sensitive skin, and that starts even before they’ve worn an item of clothing. Clothes can easily pick up dirt, dust and other irritants, even before they have been worn — so if you want to avoid the chance of irritation, you should pre wash your baby clothes before use. 


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Choosing a baby laundry detergent

Baby skin is sensitive and so it’s important to choose the appropriate laundry detergent. When choosing a laundry detergent for your baby’s clothes, look out for whether a product is dermatologically tested. This means these products and its ingredients have been clinically tested to verify it is safe for the skin. Indeed, 83% of UK dermatology professionals believe that picking the right detergent is important when you have sensitive skin. The Fairy Non Bio range has received the Skin Health Alliance seal, which means independent dermatologists have done an additional review of the safety assessment of the product. Read more on choosing a detergent for sensitive skin here. 

Pods, washing powder, or liquid for babies

When deciding on the best detergent for baby clothes the choice can be a little overwhelming, with capsules, gels, liquids and washing powders to choose from. How do you know which is best for babies? They will all clean your clothes — and all Fairy Non Bio products are suitable for sensitive skin — but they each have different qualities. A washing powder that contains an active oxygen bleach agent can be the best choice for when you want to get rid of food stains on baby clothes, especially on white cotton. Washing liquid is versatile, easy to use, and the best pre wash option for pre-treating heavily soiled baby clothes. Laundry capsules make dosing easy, and the liquids contained inside the pods generally rinse out better than powder detergents.

What's the best temperature to wash your baby's clothes?

While instinct as a parent might tell you to use a high temperature on your newborn’s clothes, most detergents, including Fairy Non Bio, will get your baby clothes clean on a 30c wash, which is kinder to your baby’s clothes, and the environment too. 

Remove stains on baby clothes

When should you wash newborn baby clothes if they’re stained? As quickly as possibly! The faster you act on stains, the more likely it is you’ll get them out. Pre-treat stained areas by rubbing on some water and Fairy Non Bio liquid before popping in the washing machine and letting your detergent do its stuff. 

Can I combine baby clothes with other laundry?

Washing baby clothes can be time consuming — especially when you’ve also got your own laundry to think about too. So can you combine your newborn baby’s laundry with your own, and also use the same washing powder? The answer is yes! All Fairy Non Bio products are suitable for your whole family, offering effective cleaning combined with a gentle formula.  

Hand washing or machine washing?

You’ll have enough on your hands with a newborn without worrying about handwashing with water, so you might want to make sure you buy clothes that are machine washable to make life easier. However, you might have some special outfits that need a little extra care — be sure to check the label before you wash clothes just to make certain.

Should I add a fabric softener?

Yes! Using a fabric softener will make sure your baby’s clothes stay feeling soft for longer, so they’ll be gentler on your baby’s skin. Double check the label first (some baby clothes have a flame resistant coating that can be affected by fabric conditioner) — if it gives the all-clear then we recommend adding Fairy Non Bio Fabric Conditioner, also dermatologically accredited by Skin Health Alliance.

Drying baby clothes

If you have the option to line dry your baby clothes, the sun can give you a helping hand in removing stains by acting as a natural bleaching agent. If you need to tumble dry just make sure to check the care label first