15 ways to make that holiday glow last

However you like to holiday, sometimes the summer break can feel all too short when you come back to earth with a bump. Here’s how to send the post-holiday blues packing…

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Whether you like to spend your precious summer break vacation days on the sand, soaking up the sun, or seeing the sights, or getting adventurous in cooler climes, most of us benefit from a holiday high. Taking ourselves out of our everyday can help us feel calmer and rested, which helps to keep anxiety at bay.

But oftentimes we can find the benefits of the time out disappearing even before we’ve found our luggage on the carousel and left the airport. But with a little bit of planning, it’s possible to hold on to that holiday summer glow for a bit longer…

1. Book in a buffer

It might be tempting to book an overnight flight and go straight to work from the airport so that you can squeeze every last drop out of your holiday, but it can leave you feeling really ragged. Plan to come back on Friday or Saturday instead, so you have a little time to adjust before being back at your desk on Monday morning.

2. Don’t rush back to reality

Once you’ve landed and the pilot announces that you can turn devices back on, avoid the temptation to start scrolling. Your work emails can wait! Try to be mindful of experiencing the last elements of your journey, rather than fast-tracking your way onto the next thing on your to-do list.

3. Plan in some treats

Give yourself some things to look forward to in the days and weeks after you return. It could be something as simple as getting the girls together for a night out (or in!), or getting your nails done.

4. Switch up your moisturiser

The truth is that there isn’t really any safe way to tan, but feeling like you’ve had the sun on your skin can help you recapture your holiday high. Try Olay Complete Every Day/Night Sunshine instead of your regular moisturiser. As well as providing 24-hour hydration with an SPF of 15, it has a touch of sunless tanner for a sunkissed look.

5. Be ready to return

It can be a wrench leaving your holiday, but making life easy for yourself before you go can make the return much smoother. Get all your washing done so the only laundry you need to do is in your suitcase, and make sure there’s a meal or two in the freezer, along with the essentials like bread and milk.

6. Continue a holiday habit

Think about what you did while you were away that you could carry on at home, to make the holiday glow last longer. It could be a spot of yoga in the morning, or some beach reading before bed, or setting aside ‘no-screen’ time with your other half.

7. Big up your breakfast

Many people tend to have a long and leisurely breakfast when they’re away on their summer break. You might not have too much time to linger over it, but you could swap the usual rushed slice of toast or cereal bar for something more like what you ate while away to start your day with a smile. See our tips for fool proof poached eggs here

8. Wear your holiday wardrobe

It’s a shame to have some clothes that you only wear when you’re away. Make the holiday vibe last by wearing them year-round – tights, boots and a polo neck underneath can keep your summer sundresses and playsuits in rotation even in winter, and will remind you of your summer break!

9. Share, but don’t compare

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick scroll though social media to zap your holiday high. It’s probably best avoided if you’re prone to comparing and feeling down as a result, but it’s worth sharing your holiday memories. It’ll connect you to others, and be a lovely reminder when it pops up in years to come.

10. Learn some new recipes

Just because you’re back home, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep a taste of your trip. Learn to make some dishes from your summer break travels, and you can transport yourself back there at dinnertime!

11. Beach hair, don’t care

Carefree curls courtesy of the sea and salty air are a great look, and you can recreate it at home. Just give your locks a spritz Pantene Non-Sticky Perfectly Undone Texturising Sugar Hair Spray and you’re good to go!

12. Mix up your routine

Walking the same old streets or cooking the same old meals can make you feel like you never went away. Try a different route to work and doing different things to usual to help you hang on to your holiday high.

13. Make something from memories

How often do you look at your holiday snaps? Probably not very much if they’re all on your phone. So, spend some time printing them out and making an album to look back on. You could also create a holiday playlist, or scrapbook, or menu to help those memories last longer too.

14. Don’t forget self-care

It’s almost inevitable that there will be loads to do when you get home from your summer break, but try not to let it overwhelm you so much that you forget the holiday. Recognise what needs to be done and what can wait, so that you can fit in some self-care – whether that’s a long soak in the bath, some serious sofa time or a run around the park.

15. Book the next holiday!

When all else fails, give yourself something to look forward to by booking trip for your next summer break!

How do you hold on to the holiday high?
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