Exercise together to stay together

How to take the chore out of keeping fit and turn your jogging session into a date!

There are so many demands on your daily schedule that trying to squeeze in a gym session, a run around the block or a trip to the pool often eats into valuable downtime. So why not make a virtue of that, and turn exercising a sociable occasion with your other half? If you really love each other, a bit of sweat’s not going to put you off!

The relationship benefits of staying fit

Regular exercise reduces the risk of many chronic conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and some cancers. But it can also make you a much nicer person to live with!

• Physical activity boosts your self-esteem and improves your mood.

• You sleep better (less turning over in the night and stealing the duvet).

• Using energy generates more energy so you’re raring to go next time he suggests a night on the town (and more willing to do your share of the cleaning).

• Exercise has also been shown to reduce the risk of stress and depression.

Make a date for exercise

Don’t let trying to find time to get to the gym together become a cause for disagreement.

• Take a good look at your diaries and plot in times in the week you know you’re both most likely to be free. If one of you works late on Tuesdays, for example, avoid that slot so you don’t have to cancel too often.

• Keep things interesting and vary the activities you do together – swimming, gym, rolling skating in the park for a giggle.

• Where you have time, add an extra incentive to your routines. Maybe a Friday night at the pool is combined with dinner at a restaurant on the way home, and a Sunday cycling route is always planned around an interesting event like a vintage market or an exhibition.

Fitness for two

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