Spending quality time with your daughter

This bank holiday, why not spend a little time just you and your daughter? We’ve got some great ideas to inspire you that can build on your mother-daughter relationship

While the days with little kids can seem long, the years certainly whoosh by. One minute you’re holding your six-month-old, the next she’s turning six and then in no time at all she’s sixteen!

That’s why it’s so important to make the most of your time with your kids. Which can be easier said than done with life being so busy.

It’s well worth making the effort though. That one-to-one contact is so important for your relationship (even if your teenage daughter does act like she’d rather stay glued to her phone!) and keeps the two of you connected.

1. Let her be your personal stylist

Younger girls enjoy sharing time with you in your world, so get your daughter to help you sort your wardrobe and choose what needs to be packed away or rotated. Tidying your jewellery or make-up bag can be a welcome help too!

If you’ve got a teen, she’ll love the power of being your wardrobe advisor and telling you what looks good and what’s destined for the charity shop… just be prepared for her favourite things to be deemed ‘too young for you’ (and therefore end up in her wardrobe)!

2. Get crafty

From scrapbooking, to jewellery making, to knitting, it’s lovely to have a shared project.

Obviously what you do will depend on what you both enjoy and your daughter’s age. A four-year-old isn’t likely to enjoy making upholstery covers!

3. Have a spa day

If you really want to make your girly day a pampering treat, how about a spa visit together?

Don’t have the budget? Don’t miss these ideas for a spa party at home.

4. Join a club

Finding a regular shared activity that you both enjoy is a great way of carving out time together.

It can be art, tennis, yoga or whatever else you fancy, just as long as it’s something you do together.

5. Have a girls’ day out

Banish the boys and schedule a girls-only adventure! This could be shopping and lunch (if your credit card can stand it!), a trip to a museum or an art gallery, or a hike through the woods.

6. Your very own bake-off

It can be lovely to spend an afternoon cooking together and you get to enjoy the fruits of your labours when you’re done.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Check out our yummy blueberry cake or go in a different direction and knock up a big batch of pancakes.

7. Watch a chick flick

A movie night for just the two of you is a lovely treat. Don’t forget the popcorn!

More tips

1. ‘Boys’ stuff’ isn’t just for boys. It’s not fair to assume that all boys and all girls behave in one set way so you might find some of the ideas we’ve offered for quality time with your son work well with your daughter.

2. You’re still mum. Even teenage girls, whilst they deserve a bit of honesty, still need mum to be a figure of authority. So whilst it’s great to be a friend to your daughter, remember you can’t always share the kinds of things with her that you would share with friends your own age.

How do you carve out quality time with your daughter? Let us know in the comments section below.