Weekend brunch ideas

Really easy recipes to try when you enjoy a relaxing late breakfast with family and friends.

Why not make the most of the extra time at the weekend and have a long, leisurely morning? A cheeky lie-in is the order of the day, along with a delicious cooked breakfast.

Even better, get your other half to cook it up and serve it to you and the kids in bed! Here are three tasty ideas to get you (or him) inspired….

1. Pancake stack

Make thick American-style pancakes rather than the thinner ones you flip on Shrove Tuesday. Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup.

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Beat eggs with milk then pour it into a dry mixture of flour, baking powder and salt. Whisk this until it makes a smooth batter and leave to stand for 20 minutes. Add a little melted butter just before cooking. Heat a frying pan to make small pancakes, two or three at a time.

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2. Potato rosti

Potato rostis are the perfect accompaniment to a fry-up. To make them extra tasty, mix in some pancetta or lardons and cook them in the juices of your bacon and sausages.

Or, for a more sophisticated (and healthier) option, simply top the rosti with a dollop of cream cheese and a slice of smoked salmon.

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Grate cooked (cooled) potato and add to finely chopped onion, fresh herbs and Gruyere cheese. Shape into little patties and fry.

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3. Eggs Benedict

A favourite on posh café menus, it’s easier to try at home than you might think. If preferred, you can make an Eggs Florentine, which is with spinach instead of ham or bacon, or Eggs Royale, which is with a slice of smoked salmon.

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Make the Hollandaise sauce by whisking egg yolks with lemon juice and seasoning, then adding melted butter. Stir well until you have a smooth, creamy sauce. Be careful not to overcook and scramble the eggs.

Split then toast your muffins and top each half with grilled bacon or ham and a poached egg. Pour over the Hollandaise sauce.

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What’s your favourite dish to whip up on a lazy weekend morning? Let us know in the comments section below.