6 favourite summer smells


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As life blooms around us, so do some of our favourite summer smells. We’ve listed our top six – you can probably guess what’s number one, but how about the rest?  Discover the sweet scents of summer and be whisked along by these most loved summer fragrances. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed...

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Our senses come alive in the summer – from the feeling of the sun on our skin and the grass between our toes to the sight of blooming flowers and blue skies. But it’s a fact that smells in particular are stronger in warm weather. This is due to the higher levels of moisture in the air, so smells are carried further.

That probably explains why this list of six sensational summer smells immediately evokes so many warm memories. What’s your favourite smell?

What does summer smell like?

You’re about to find out as the scents of summer await!

1. Freshly cut grass

What else could be at the top spot? As soon as you hear that mower kicking into gear, you know what’s coming: the delicious, fresh scent of mown lawns.

Often finding itself in the top three spot of the nation’s favourite summer smells (along with freshly baked bread and cooking bacon), the aroma is actually released by a rush of chemicals that the grass emits to heal itself and prevent any bacterial infections after being cut. Just close your eyes and breathe in that lovely summer’s day smell…

2. Suntan lotion

The summer scents of suntan lotion transports us to a sun-drenched beach quicker than a Boeing 747 ever could. You should protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays everyday anyway, no matter what the weather. So, to inspire the habit of applying SPF every morning, why not take a moment to close your eyes and let the smell take you to somewhere a little more exotic than your bathroom?

3. The sea

Unless you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, the fresh, salty smell of the sea is something most of us only get to experience on the odd occasion.

One of those favourite smells is a hot summer’s day, where there’s nothing better than packing a beach bag and heading straight for the open ocean. Of course, whether the water’s warm enough to go all the way in is another matter. But even a gentle paddle or dip of your toes is enough to get a good dose of that refreshing sea breeze. Add an ice cream and we’d be in total bliss.

Why not let your laundry whisk you away with that same summer breeze sensation? The Summer Breeze Dream Team will give you that fresh summer feeling every single time!

4. Fresh air

With the warm weather comes a lot more adventuring in the great outdoors. From a summer meadow to a rocky hill-top, you’ll have moments when you can really breathe in and fill your lungs with that wonderfully refreshing pure, clean air.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to climb a mountain every time to enjoy it – simply spray the new Febreze Air Heavy Duty around your home. It has 2x the power to eliminate bad odours* and will leave a fresh, lingering scent of Crisp Clean Air. Lush.

5. A sizzling barbecue

Something else us Brits insist on doing as soon as there’s a single ray of sun? Wiping down that barbecue. Sure enough, the smell of sizzling burgers, chicken legs and corn on the cob is enough to get our summer-buds salivating.  It really is one of those scents of summer that you can’t beat!

Why not make the most of the long summer evenings and get the whole family together? To help cater for everyone, check out our delicious veggie BBQ recipes. And to make sure clearing up doesn’t leave you overdone, take a look at our handy barbecue cleaning tips.

6. Clean sheets billowing in the breeze

Summer smells so good!  One of the great things about a sunny day is that you’re able to hang the washing outside. Wash your whites with a capful of Ariel Washing Liquid, which has top stain-fighting power, and when you hang them outside to dry the gentle summer breeze will carry the fresh, clean, summer fragrances right to your nose.

As an added bonus, white sheets and clothes benefit from drying outside as the sun helps bleach the material, keeping your whites super bright.

Cheat’s tip: to keep your sheets smelling sweet a few days after washing, spritz them with Febreze Cotton Fresh Fabric Refresher to revive that fresh summer scent.

* compared to standard Febreze

What’s your favourite summer smell?