Summer of sports survival guide

If you’re resigned to losing your other half to a game of two halves, check out our savvy tips to getting through this summer of sport still smiling and grabbing yourself some much-needed me-time too

Do - enjoy an uninterrupted soak in the bath

How often do you get to have time in the tub without one child or other knocking at the bathroom door? For example, a game of football lasts for forty five minutes, so time it right and you could get a blissful three quarters of an hour’s soak. Be warned though if your bath and loo are in the same room – there will be a rush in the breaks, so make sure you’re done and in your towel by then. Find out how to turn your bath time into a spa break.

Do - take advantage of the guaranteed babysitter

When your other half is in front of sport, it means you’ve got a guaranteed babysitter. Take advantage of this for some time out with the girls. With some games running back to back all afternoon or evening, schedule your time wisely for hours of fun to play away. Please note: if your fella likes to watch his sport in a pub this obviously does not apply… Sorry!

Do - note big game times for stress free shopping

With your babysitter in place (see above), why not hit the shops? The beauty of big sporting events is that everyone either stays at home or hits the pubs, which means a stressful shopping in a packed mall turns into really rather lovely retail therapy. Check out the big fixtures and plan your purchasing accordingly.

Do - strike a bargain

They say the key to a good relationship is compromise. So if your other half is planning to position himself in front of many hours of sport this summer, why not ask him to take you along to that romantic comedy you’ve been dying to see at the cinema (but he normally wouldn’t be seen dead watching) or other treat to balance things up once the sport is finished?  At the very least, once his TV viewing is back to normal, you’re owed some serious sofa time with your favourite box set while he baths the kids.

Do – plan family time in between important games

If you really don’t like football or other sports that keep your partner (and potentially your children) and you separate, check out when the big games are being played and plan in family time or a date night around them. Then you won’t miss everybody so much.

Do – make an effort to join in

Yes it might be through gritted teeth, but your family will really appreciate it if you join them on the sofa to share in their team’s performance. Why not pit your wits against our football superfan quiz together? Or why not join them for a tasty TV dinner before the game or at half time? Supersavvyme has everything you need to prepare for the party. Find out how to cook traditional Brazilian dishes and help your give your children the confidence to join in the celebrations in style with our Samba step-by-step make its.