The BIG spring bedroom blitz

Your bedroom should be both a relaxing escape and a clean environment, to help with healthier sleep. Here’s how to spring-clean your sanctuary.

You might strip the bed regularly and hoover the floor, but when you spend eight hours a night in the same spot it makes sense that your bedroom would benefit from some extra attention. After all, your body sheds skin overnight, perspires and helps feed all those tiny household nasties that live in your mattress – not the stuff of sweet dreams!

The bed

The most important part of any bedroom, maintaining your bed properly will not only make the mattress last longer, but it will also stave off any invasions of mites or other horrible visitors. Taking these four easy steps, three or four times a year, will work wonders.

1. Strip the mattress and use a vacuum cleaner to clean off dead skin, mites and other surface dirt. If your mattress is quite new, check the manufacturer’s advice on maintenance.

2. Use a damp sponge with a mild detergent (washing up liquid) to clean any stains. Don’t make the mattress too wet.

3. Turn the mattress over and around, so the foot and the head are switched.

4. Leave the mattress to air for a couple of hours before making the bed.

The linen

There’s nothing more satisfying than crisp, clean bedsheets, but your pillows and duvet deserve a little love as well.

1. Wash the pillows, which should be machine washable – check the label. If you have washing balls, place these in the drum to reduce the risk of pillows going lumpy.

2. Wash the duvet at least every six months. Take advantage of the change of seasons to wash your winter duvet when you start using a summer duvet.

3. Use a mattress protector to keep things fresher for longer. Buy two for each bed, so the used one can go in the wash with your duvet and sheets.

The wardrobe

It’s not just the bed that counts, but your surroundings too, and a clean, organised wardrobe will help you keep the bedroom looking calm and stress-free.

1. Take your clothes out and sort through them properly – our Savvy tips for better clothes care is full of good advice on fabric care, and read Total Wardrobe Clearout for some tips on making the task easier. Then use the vacuum cleaner to sweep inside the wardrobe. Repeat with drawers.

2. Watch out for moths which can decimate your clothes – or even cuddly toys – and read our Save your clothes from moths article to keep them away.

3. Sort out your storage by using canvas storage bags for things under your bed or on top of your wardrobe so they don’t gather dust – especially for spare pillows and duvets. Also buy a necklace hanger to keep items like necklaces, bracelets and hair ties off table tops, to avoid dust-gathering. See Savvy storage tips: clothes and bedding for more ideas.