5 small improvements that result in big life changes

Forget foolhardy resolutions: sometimes all it takes is a shift in the way we do something to totally transform the outcome

The New Year often brings with it resolutions of life overhauls, personality changes and unrealistic challenges.

But let’s face it, no matter how determined you are, you are probably going to eat chocolate/shout at your husband/bribe your kids with sweets again at some point. We’re not saints.

Instead, why not simply resolve to make some small improvements that will make a big difference to your life.

Here are some ideas to get you going…

1. Your fitness: work on your technique

If you’re lucky enough to have found your favourite sport or an exercise you enjoy, why not be as good as you can be at it?

You could employ a coach or personal trainer to ensure you are doing everything right and to give you extra tips and moves to try.

Everyone reaches a plateau now and then, so this is a great way of re-motivating yourself to reach a new goal.

For tips on how to up your game when it comes to swimming, tennis, football, cycling or squash, click here.

Also try…
Taking up running
Toning exercises for your legs
Toning exercises your arms

IMPORTANT: Before you take on any new exercises or change your regular routines, consult your GP if you have any medical concerns.

2. Your diet: eat a healthy breakfast

If you start with a healthy, hearty breakfast, you’ll feel the difference throughout the rest of the day.

Not only will you kickstart your metabolism and energy levels, but you’ll be inspired to continue to eat well for lunch, dinner and snacks too.

For healthy breakfast inspiration, click here.

Also try…
Eating seasonally to save money
Growing your own fruit and veg

3. Your housework: make less effort

Yes, really. Chores need a lot less effort if you use the right products.

Using Flash Multi-Surface Concentrated Cleaner, for example, means you can clean the kitchen surfaces, the bathroom and even the floors in one fell swoop.

Even better, Flash has made a few improvements of its own. Its new formula cuts through dirt, grease and grime even more effectively, making your life easier as there will be no elbow grease required.

Also try…
Getting the kids to help with housework
Sorting out your storage to clear up clutter

4. Your family time: eat together

If you do one thing as a family, make it that you eat together as often as possible.

Instilling this tradition is important for family values and bonding. Use it as a chance to turn off the TV, put down your phones and really communicate with each other.

Vow to have one big family meal at least once a week, and then also sit at the table together when eating as often as you can.

For more tips, see our article on making family mealtimes matter

Also try…
Hugging each other more
Spending quality time with your daughter

5. Your finances: budget better

If you don’t pay attention to your finances, it’s astounding how quickly they can spiral out of control.

Try creating a spreadsheet that includes your regular outgoings – such as mortgage payments, bills, phone contract, gym membership and so on – and monthly estimates for your irregular outgoings, such as food and travel.

See how much is left and divide it into five. Put one fifth into savings, then the rest is to spend for each week of the month.

If there’s too little, go back over your regular and irregular payments and see where you might be able to save. If it’s too generous, lucky you – put what’s left in your savings.

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Also try…
Saving money on your weekly food shop
Asking for a pay rise or getting a better-paid job!

What improvements are you making this year? Let us know in the comments section below.